The Casino Gambling Luck

The Casino Gambling Luck

Ever heard someone saying he just got lucky at the casino? Well, he’s lying. Because casino gambling isn’t about luck. It’s about skill, strategy, and outwitting the other players. No one can call himself lucky when he wins in poker, blackjack, or baccarat; chances are, he spends the game time thinking hard and reviewing his moves. There is no luck in that because eventually, he simply outwits the other players. There is only one game wherein a person can tell himself he got lucky in casino gambling. That one game is the slots.

Slot machines are the crowd pleasers among all casino games. Casino patrons usually start their casino gambling career by trying out their luck with the slot machines. The big come-on of slot machines that entices new players is the possibility of winning a big amount, or even the jackpot, for just a little cash. Further, there is no need to be an expert or to have the best poker face — all that is needed, really, is pure luck.

The slot machines are also the most numerous machines in any Vegas casino. A typical casino usually has at least a dozen slot machines or even a slot machine lounge. Even convenience stores sometimes have their own slot machines for quick bets. Though people don’t usually come to a casino just to play at the slots, they use the machines while waiting for a vacant spot in the poker table or until their favorite casino game starts a new round. Statistics show that a night of casino gambling does not end without a visit at the slot machines for most casino patrons.

Aside from being accessible, the slot machines are easy enough to play. As I mentioned earlier, no special skill is required in playing. The game’s objective is to chance upon the winning combination — different combinations vary in the amount of winnings. Usually, a combination is as easy as chancing upon three identical objects on the screen. Sometimes, even combinations which are not identical also amount to something. Hit the right combination and the player takes home the jackpot. This, of course, depends on the system of the slot machine. A player just have to insert his money in the slot and press the button to make the reels turn. Slot machines are casino gambling games that perhaps require the most number of wishful and hopeful thinking.

But despite the popularity and facility of playing slot machines, there are people who brand the game as the worst form of casino gambling. But these are people who probably are on the wrong side of Lady Luck. In fact, slot machines pose the most number of winnings. Players also possess the most advantage in playing slots than any other casino game. Perhaps, the most obvious of the slot’s advantages is that it practically negates the need for skill. I stress that slot machines are based purely on chance and luck. Playing strategies are not important; the skills players most likely need are the abilities to insert money and to push the button. Not exactly hard compared to the concentration and strategy needed to win the other games. Second, if you are not well-versed on the basics of poker, blackjack, and other card games, you stand the risk of losing lots of money. It is different with slots. You bet a dollar or two; when you lose, it’s only a dollar or two. But if you win, you take home as much as a hundred bucks for your dollar. That is unlikely to happen in poker where your winnings can’t even cover up for the money you lost. Third, most slot machines’ pay-out percentages are in the mid to high 90’s. These percentages are higher than the ones usually offered for the other games.

Clearly, the most basic advantage of the slot machines is that it requires no thinking and effort. The game of slots is very relaxing in its simplicity. This is probably the reason why casino gambling patrons continue to patronize the slots even after many years. After all, relaxation is their main purpose in engaging in casino gambling.

Thai Lotto – How to Pick Your Lucky Number and Win the Lottery

It’s true that some foreigners have won the Thai lottery, but that doesn’t mean you should, too. Choosing the right numbers and sticking to them can lead to success – but only if you do your homework. Avoid buying numbers that are based on estimates and stick to them for the duration of the lottery. Failure to stay committed to the lottery will ruin your chances of winning in the future. Thai lotto is full of small prizes and jackpots, but winning one requires consistency and a little luck.

Thailand’s lottery system is still paper-based and requires that lottery tickets are purchased from a retailer or agent. To play the lottery, you’ll need to buy the ticket, which contains your lucky numbers. The government’s lottery office is planning to computerize the whole process, but for now, the lottery remains a traditional way of life for Thais. The first draw of the lottery is held every month on the first day of the month. หวยใบเขียว is the day after a holiday, and the results are released at around 5 pm. Once you’ve won, you must go to the GLO office in Bangkok to claim your prize.

To win a prize, you’ll need to match six digits in the correct order. After each draw, officials will remove balls from the machines. If you match one of the six digits, you’ve won. If you don’t, you’ll lose the prize. The Thai lottery is very popular in Thailand and is the largest lottery in the world. There are more than 400 million baht in prizes awarded each year. It’s easy to win the lottery and can be fun for the whole family. So go ahead, try it. You’ll be glad you did! And good luck! And remember that the Thai lottery is a great way to give back to the community, too. So play it! You’ll never know, until you try it yourself. If you’re lucky enough, you might even win the lottery.

Thai lottery winners will be announced on the date of the draw. But if you’re new to this game, you may find it difficult to follow winning charts and retrieving game information. In this case, Thai Lottery Result Today Live can help. This way, you can follow the draw live and see if you’ve won the big prize! It is also possible to use sure-win numbers to maximize your chances of winning.

The first and sixteenth draw of the month are the dates that the Thailand Lottery Government announces its results. On these dates, all winners of the Thai Lottery are declared. Check out the Thai Lottery result today by going to the official website or following the direct URL below. It will be posted as soon as the results are published. The winners’ names and winning numbers will be announced on these dates. The next draw will be on August 1st 2022.

Modern Art a Conspiracy Part 2

Modern Art a Conspiracy Part 2

They have never been interested in others but for what they can get. The opportunity to study other cultures have presented it self severally but they were not up for it. They have written mind alteration books for their vision. It would have been ideal for them to introduce most of these books into their schools for knowledge, more researches and better appreciation of others. But hell no they were only interested in altering our mind set, artifacts and how much they can make from the unknown world.

My gratitude goes to our men and women, most of whom have lost their lives in saying the truth. Truth must prevail; I have realized danger of the silence conspiracy to erase anything African in the face of the earth. The fact that civilization of man started in African has disappeared from the pages of history books, even pyramids of Egypt to some people were built by aliens, It is too good to be African; if given a chance to recreate the map of Africa, Egypt and some part of South African will definitely be carved out of the map to serve their purpose.

There have been conflicting records of when Europeans came in contact with African Art. With due respect to our art historians who have made references to 1905 as the year of European first contact with African Art as widely documented. I beg to disagree. We should not forget the looting of Benin Art treasures. The Punitive Expedition of 1897 was a military excursion by a British force of 1,200 under Admiral Sir Harry Rawson that captured, burned, and looted the city of Benin, incidentally bringing to an end the highly sophisticated West African Kingdom of Benin.

Secondly, the Scramble for Africa (or the Rat Race for Africa) was the proliferation of conflicting European claims to African territory during the New Imperialism period, between the 1880s and the start of World War I. This era was more of art and treasures than territories. You are free to disagree. You can as well tell me of any other continent; that has suffered massive global extortion and exploitation of arts and culture. A visit to museums around the world will shade more light on this.

The earliest documented entry of a piece of African art into a European collection occurred around 1470, with a work that a Portuguese collector acquired from the kingdom of Kongo.

Please permit me to introduce the so called founder of cubism and modern art, Picasso and his rivalry and partner in plagiarism Matisse, who were first European avant-garde artist collectors of African Art. His full name was Pablo (or Pablito) Diego Jose Santiago Francisco de Paula Juan Nepomuceno Crispin Crispiniano de los Remedios Cipriano de la Santisima Trinidad Ruiz Blasco y Picasso Lopez. We know him today as simply Picasso.

Pablo was born to father, who was also an artist, known as José Ruiz y Blasco; his mother was Maria Picasso y Lopez. His earliest paintings were signed Pablo Ruiz after his father, but around 1901 he started using his mother’s name, Picasso. He studied graphics in Spain and graduated in 1900.

Pablo was among the long list of bored minds, whose art of imitation and copying couldn’t sustain. He found himself in a nasty dance of poverty and isolation because no artist would want to risk their creations with a copy artist like Picasso. Shortly after graduation He moved to France 1901 where he quickly laid his hands on African art works. In his words I do not seek. I find. You can imagine the innocent creations of African masters in the hands of a man who had copied art most of youthful age. Pablo believed that Bad artists copy. Good artists steal.

Modern art is simply a conspiracy child of racism and imperialism. The so-called founder had these to say. Today, as you know, I am famous and very rich. But when completely alone with myself, I haven’t the nerve to consider myself an artist in the great and ancient sense of the word. There have been great painters like Giotto, Titian, Rembrandt and Goya. I am only a public entertainer who has understood his time. What was his time? It was said the confession is good for the soul.

In the part 1 of this article I mentioned the conspiracy of European avant-garde artists, art collectors, art critics, art historians and imperialist to create away out of their creative drought using African Art as escape goat. The artistic elite was mainly concerned with the rejection of academic tradition. African art became a source of inspiration for these artists who were searching for systems of representation other than naturalism and illusionism. The critic front-runner of this group was the French art critic Louis Vauxcelles who coined the term Cubism after seeing the landscapes Braque had painted in 1908 at L’Estaque in emulation of Cézanne. Vauxcelles called the geometric forms in the highly abstracted works “cubes.”

Louis Vauxcelles (1870-?) was an influential French art critic. To him are attributed the terms Fauvism (1905), and cubism. Vauxcelles coined the phrase ‘les fauves’ (translated as ‘wild beasts’) to describe a circle of painters associated with Matisse as well as the audiences who criticised them (he couldn’t decide which were more arrogant).But an artist can demonstrate zero proof of his artistic ability in the context of established representative visual art, yet he could end up as a master of modern art? Tell me you smell something funny about this too.

The Cubist painters rejected their inherited concept that art should copy nature, or that they should adopt the traditional techniques of perspective, modeling, and foreshortening. They wanted instead to emphasize the two-dimensionality of the canvas. So they reduced and fractured objects into geometric forms, and then realigned these within a shallow, reliefs like space. They also used multiple or contrasting vantage points. Louis Vauxcelles and his group were not interested in professionalism but escapism and name calling for the propagation of their supremacy vision. Pablo had them all fooled; the agony is that many are still fooled till date. I guest because of their common denominator of hate and racist drive, none really cared about the long time effect of their deceit.

In the words of Pablo the founder of your modern art; an artist must know how to convince others of the truth of his lies. The people who make art their business are mostly imposters. There is no abstract art. You must always start with something. Afterward you can remove all traces of reality. How naïve can you be, the man who had over 100 African art in his collection, copied and made money of them do not believe in abstraction.

Lets look into more facts in the part 3 coming soon.

Advantages of Playing Online Lotto

Although yeekee lotto has a relatively low chance of winning, it is still worth checking out if you’re looking to increase your chances of winning. It doesn’t require a lot of mathematical skill to play, but it can still yield huge amounts in a few draws. There are a few tips you can follow, including playing multiple games per day and buying multiple winning tickets from your local lottery office.

The yeekee lotto online is free to play and has regular updates. You don’t need to know complicated math to win, and the results are available instantly. There’s also no need to worry about wasting time learning the rules and strategies. You can also check the latest results any time you’re free. While สูตรยี่กี lottoup of winning aren’t particularly high, you can use some patience and good strategy to double your stakes.

Although yeekee lotto is free to play, you can choose to pay real money to place your bets. If you’re a beginner, you should play for fun and gradually increase your betting amounts to win more money. Remember to have realistic expectations of winning as the chances are very slim. However, you can always take advantage of the numerous offers offered and maximize your chances. You can also use multiple winning tickets to win more money.

If you’re a beginner in the game, yeekee lotto is the perfect choice for you. The online version is free to play and only requires an internet connection. The good news is that the yeekee lotto game is available in different languages. Using the appropriate language can help you to understand the odds and choose the correct numbers. And don’t forget to play multiple games a day to increase your chances of winning.

One tip for beginners who want to try their luck in yeekee lotto is to choose a game where the odds are low. This will help you get used to the game and improve your skills. It’s recommended that beginners start out with a simulated game to learn how to play this lottery before taking the plunge and spending money. It’s important to remember that beginners should practice first. You should play the game a few times to get a feel for the rules.

Another advantage of yeekee lotto is the flexibility it offers. In this game, you can make multiple selections, and if all four combinations win, your stake will double. If you’re not too sure of the winning combinations, you can be patient and play patiently for increased odds. If you’re serious about winning, however, yeekee lotto can be a fun way to make extra money.

Email Marketing Success

Email Marketing Success

These days, there are hundreds of ways to market something, and there are a lot of different mediums to choose from. Perhaps, because it is considered new or perhaps because of the chance of emails you send being looked at as spam, email marketing has been overlooked, dismissed or simply not employed because it wasn’t brought to the attention of the marketing staff that email marketing was a possibility.

So, now the question comes up, is it possible to make money though email marketing? Is there enough of a chance that someone is going to click on the links in the email, that they are going to even open the email to make it worth while to do email marketing? The answer is yes. Email marketing, just like everything else, can be successful if it is done correctly.

So whether you believe it or not, you’re willing to give email marketing a try. Good, that’s the first step to becoming a successful email marketer. Next, you might now be asking yourself what to market. If you don’t have your own products, there are affiliate programs that can help you get started with email marketing. If you still have questions, take a look at forums, or blogs, or even websites that discuss email marketing. Be sure to check to make sure that the site you are getting information on internet marketing is a decent site.

There are a lot of different scams out there that promise quick success through email marketing. For some people, it can be very profitable, but that isn’t always the case, especially if you come across someone who is offering you a large salary right away using email marketing.

Email marketing, as with any marketing, requires time to build a true customer base and to be accepted. Now that you know a little about email marketing, you’ve decided to give it a try. You did research on email marketing, and looked into programs that might help you get started and keep going strong. Head out and enjoy. The sky is the limit with this inexpensive and effective way to market.

Email marketing is truly the way of the future. So don’t hesitate and get out there and use what you have learned about email marketing to start bringing in the money and give yourself a little peace of mind.

Playing The UK Lottery In An E-lottery Syndicate System

Playing The UK Lottery In An E-lottery Syndicate System

For everyone who is not new to the world of lotteries playing lotteries in syndicate is a very lucrative option. Experienced players of this game stand by the benefits of playing lottery games in a syndicate. And when you get a chance to play lotteries in an online venture there are several other advantages that come along with the virtual system. There is no more standing in queue for procuring lottery tickets and since there are no lottery tickets the chances of misplacing the same is non-existent. Online lottery games are open to one and all and it can be played from anywhere in the world. While the best place to play lotteries is at the Virtual world direct.

Playing in syndicate has always been beneficial to all its members. The syndicate system of playing lotteries divides both the risk and benefits between the members. Over the time this has proved to be a very successful strategy. When playing at the e-lottery in a syndicate system there is 3,600% greater chances of catching a big win in the two of the world’s richest lotteries: the UK National Lottery and EuroMillions. The syndicate can be joined for as low as £5 a week.

The lottery syndicate association is not only a great way to achieve some extra income but it is also suitable to add in some regular cash to your monthly earnings. When playing alone the risks of the gamble is high and also you have to bear all that is at stake single handedly. But when an individual is in a group the chances of winning are increased. The e-Lottery Multi-Win Syndicate System can be played from anywhere in the world. The rules and regulations of the system are also very easy and can be checked online. When using the lottery syndicate as a business opportunity profits are generated on an ‘autopilot ‘ in regular basis. Playing effectively and with diligence can change your life for good. So if you are looking for a turning point in your career here’s a golden chance at the e-lottery, which offers best schemes and playing opportunities for world’s top most lottery games at The UK National Lottery and The Euro Millions.

All the fortune can be yours for only a petty sum of £5 per week. This trivial amount entitles you to participate in 88 UK Lottery entries. While adding just next £5 to it can increase your eligibility to play another 36 Euro Million entries. There is an additional attraction to the already handsome offers presented by e-lottery syndicate. Another enticement is that the chance of hitting a jackpot is not limited to only 6 or 7 there are total 5 numbers that make you eligible for a jackpot win.

Even if you miss checking your winning entries regularly the lottery syndicate organizers will send you the draw results directly at your e-mail box. Also the hassles for collecting the prize money is reduced to a bare minimum, all winnings are deposited directly into your StormPay or Click2Pay. The system allows an option to receive rewards, if desired also through cheques. So there is no more beating around the bush searching for lucrative business or income opportunities. The ultimate place to multiply your worth is available at the e-syndicate lottery and this is one prosperous chance that should not be missed.

Sacramento Kings “New Star” suspended

Sacramento Kings “New Star” suspended

The Sacramento Kings will head into their Thursday night game against the San Antonio Spurs without their new star forward, Ron Artest. Artest, the NBA’s 2003-2004 defensive player of the year, was suspended today by the NBA for one game without pay, according to officials.

Spurs -10 o/u 180 @ Sportsbook

The suspension was the result of Artest making forearm contact to the head of Manu Ginobili, a guard for the San Antonio Spurs, during the first game of the series. The timing couldn’t be worse, with Sacramento heading into game 2 of the series with one loss under their belt already. The Kings lost to San Antonio during Saturday’s game, 88-122, in the first round of the playoffs.

Ron Artest joined up with the Sacramento Kings this season and he is considered an extremely valuable asset to the program and to the team. The numbers Artest puts up every game will be greatly missed in game 2 against San Antonio. There will be many disappointed Sacramento fans who will not get to see Artest play in the upcoming game.

During the 2005 regular season, Artest averaged 16.9 points per game for Sacramento, with a field goal percentage of 40.1%. In addition to his high scoring ability, Artest continues to be one of the leading rebounders for the Kings, averaging 5.2 rebounds per game. Artest set his career goals high for the number of rebounds per game this season with the Kings: 14 rebounds in an earlier season game against Chicago. These are the numbers that Sacramento will be missing during his one-game suspension.

Artest, who is considered by many to be one of the best defensive players that the league has to offer, has brought great talent to Sacramento. He is currently ranked #18 in the NBA for steals, #10 in the NBA for minutes per game played, and #4 in the NBA for steals per 48 minutes. He is extremely talented on both sides of the court, making him a very important player for the Kings.

Despite not having Artest, the Sacramento Kings are far away from just handing the game over to San Antonio. Sacramento will be looking for Shareef Abdur-Rahim to play a strong forward position in Tuesday night’s upcoming game. Abdur-Rahim, who is no stranger to the NBA, has put up a strong 12.3 points per game and an average total of 5.0 rebounds per game this season with the Kings. Shareef Abdur-Rahim has played in the NBA for the past 10 years and he is no stranger to a little pressure.

Sacramento was counting on having Artest for the entire series and some people fear that losing him for one game could be detrimental for the team, since they are already one game down. However, the Kings will attempt to remain in good spirits for game 2 of the series, on Tuesday night, with the tip-off scheduled for 6:30PM local time, San Antonio. The game will be covered on television, nationally by TNT and locally by News 10.

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Casinos Italiani

Casinos Italiani

When most people think of Italy, they think of the food, the art museums, or the ancient Roman culture. What most people don’t know about Italy is that it can be a great destination for people who want to include some gambling on their vacation. Although Italy doesn’t have many casinos, the places they do have are well worth the visit for tourists who want to experience something a little different than what they expected on a trip to Italy.

While there are only a handful of casinos in Italy, visiting one of them is well worth the trip. There are two distinctive sides to gambling in Italy. One is very much like the American version, casual clothes and lots of slot machines. On the other hand, many Italian casinos have what is called the “French Games” section. Even in the more casual Italian casino, the Casino Municipale di Campione d’ Italia in Campione d’ Italia, part of the casino has a dress code as well as an entrance fee (about $12.50 US). The other Italian casinos, including Casino De La Vallee in Saint Vincent (near Turin), Casino Municipale di Sanremo in San Remo (near Nice, France), and the Casino Municipale di Venezia in Venice, don’t allow people in street or casual clothing and all charge some type of entrance fee. Indeed, Italian casinos epitomize the glamorous image of European gambling made famous in James Bond movies.

All of the cities mentioned only have one casino except for Venice. The Venice casino is interesting because it is really one casino split in two, one which is open in the summer and the other that is open in the winter months. Also a little bit different is that the Casino Municipale di Venezia also offers gin rummy tournaments in addition to the gambling.

Besides the dress codes and the entrance fees, there are other things to be aware of before you plan a trip to an Italian casino. The first thing is that in all of Italy’s casinos, the language spoken is Italian. If you are planning on spending any time in casinos, you should, at the very least, learn some Italian phrases and other gambling vocabulary. Also, the gambling age in Italy is 18 so students and younger people who may not be allowed to gamble in the USA, where the legal age is 21, are permitted to do so in Italy. In addition to gambling, Italian casinos feature live music and entertainment as well as restaurants and nightclubs. One thing Italian casinos do not have, however, are hotel rooms, so lodging arrangements need to be made separately.

Thai Lottery Result Today Live

The Thailand Lottery has long been a popular form of gambling. The first lottery, held in 1832, provided financial assistance to Thailand during world war I. The lottery was used to fund social advantages, including the red cross charity. In 1934, the Thai Government abolished a draftee tax, resulting in a shortfall in Government revenue. The lottery process was expanded to regional municipalities and provinces to make up for this shortfall.

Anyone can play the Thai Lottery. No bank or financial institution can demand the reward for winning. The lottery results are released around 5pm on the dates of the draw, which are the first and sixteenth of every month and the day after a national holiday. The lucky ticket holders must visit the GLO office in Bangkok to collect their prize. In the past, the first prize was up to 22 million baht, but this was banned after the military government banned public protests.

Many foreigners believe in superstitions associated with the numbers in the Thai lottery. Last year, a baby with 12 fingers was born in a Chon Buri hospital. People who witnessed the birth planned to buy lottery tickets associated with this event. They said that they would look for tickets with numbers related to the event, such as 24 or 2289. A couple in Central Thailand won 24 million baht when four tickets were big winners. The wife of the couple had bought lottery tickets with a lucky number, which turned out to be 67. ดูหวยใบเขียว Thai lotteries are held on the first and 16th of the month.

You can watch the drawings live on television on the National Broadcasting Services of Thailand, Spring News, Radio Thailand Domestic Service, and Tahirih TV. Thai Lottery winners have two years to claim their prize, after which the prize is forfeited to the government as unclaimed revenue. You can even watch the Thai Lottery Result Today Live and see the winning numbers right away. So, what are you waiting for? Play Thai Lottery today and start winning big! You never know, you might be the next big lottery winner!

Thai lottery tickets are first issued in 1868 and have been printed every year ever since. Its first lottery was established in the Rama V area in the Grand Place compound. The first lottery vendor was an Englishman named Mr. Alabaster. The King then appointed Mr. Alabaster to run the lottery. After the lottery’s official launch in 1868, Mr. Alabaster was appointed to run the lottery. The first lottery was held in Rama V, which is the city’s center, and was later expanded to the rest of the kingdom.

Thai lottery tickets are expensive and should be purchased only from authorized sources. Do not buy tickets from strangers or storekeepers who do not appear Thai. Never pay more than 120 baht for a lottery ticket. The usual price for lottery tickets is 100 baht. If a storekeeper charges you 80 baht for a lottery ticket, it is most likely a fake. The lottery calculater is a software tool that was developed specifically for the Thai Lottery game.

Mystical Abstract Art

Mystical Abstract Art

When attempts have been made to describe a work of abstract art many people have used words like “feelings”, “emotions”, and “soul”. I think these words are clues to what is actually happening within both the viewer and the artist.

The world of art and the environment of the mystical go back a long way together with many facets in common with one another – one being that they both seek to look into a deep unknown – and then seek to manifest it into this physical world by one means or another.

Therefore it is understandable that a non-representational picture can be difficult to comment on. The viewer might be “moved” by the artwork, but they may not really know why. I believe it has something to do with their sleeping soul being gently (or violently) shaken into a specific awareness. The earthy physical body may have very little understanding as to what might be happening, so they are left to struggle in explaining a spiritual concept from a physical point of view.

However, as an artist who has acquired (and lives by) a little understanding of certain spiritual aspects, here are my offerings of what I believe happens when a viewer comes across a mystical abstract painting.

In order to do that I want to present the whole episode from all aspects:

The Spirit
One of the Spirit’s major intentions is to bring spiritual understanding into the physical realm. One way to do that is to enter time and manifest a potential opportunity for a receptive body. That receptive body can either be the person being offered the opportunity – or the messenger of it. If they are the messenger then there are many ways in which that message can be put across … and one of them is by producing a provocative illustration or allegory in the form of an abstract painting.

The Messenger
… Or Artist in this case … Or more specifically an artist who is prone to take note of their own inner enigmatic visuals. Once inspired the artist then sets about translating these visions into a personal style of depiction. I think it is quite probable that many an artist will be unconscious of what exactly they are putting down upon the canvas … all they might know is that there is an urgent complusion to work with particular colours, or in a specific style.

The Art
A personalized manifestation of the inner visuals … portrayed on board or canvas – or any other handy appropriate medium at the time. The artist lets the visual take shape in their mind and allows for interpretation into the physical world … which results in an artwork of surreal allegory, or be-riddled story, or just a simple abstract presentation of specific colours or shapes. Each element of the art will include (or be) a potential key ready to allow the appropriate viewer entrance into its intriguing yet creative environment.

The Viewer
A receptive observer viewing the art may initially have an indefinable affinity with it. They are perhaps first emotionally drawn to the image before them. And as their thoughts begin to trigger other thoughts, gradual realizations start to become apparent … gaining strength until they acquire a personal creative understanding seen only by themselves but which may eventually involve others who come into contact with them.

The Gift
The originally unknown vision now begins to unfold its truth within the receptive viewer. This can be in many guises … a simple affirmation … a personal revelation … a specific spiritual, mental, or inner encouragement … an energizing edification for a hungry or floundering soul … offering a sense of contentment within a challenging situation … This gift can be as simple or as complicated as is required for the viewer. Its influence can be timeless – remaining relevant over a period of days, weeks, months, or years.

So the next time you seek to produce a piece of art or decide to visit a gallery do not hesitate or dwell upon any lack within you … rather open your eyes (after all they are supposed to be the windows of the body) and prepare yourself to either see in order to create – or see in order to receive.