Outsourcing Your Marketing Needs

Outsourcing Your Marketing Needs

Have you ever stopped to notice that your marketing
campaigns and activities are not paying off, or
getting your desired result? So, you are spending a
fortune on marketing booths, exhibits, brochures,
flyers and so on and still your client database has
not improved? Have you ever stopped to think what are
you doing wrong? What is it that you lack?

You may have a pool of right-brain creative people in
your marketing team, producing impressive brochures
and coming up with great exhibit ideas, but do they
have the left-brain analytical people for a better
understanding of the statistics and trends in the
modern-day information and tech-savvy market? I guess

This is the usual reason why most companies waste
time, money and effort on futile marketing campaigns
and activities-they don’t have the right people for
understanding the market.

Yes, they have the creative ones but that is not
enough to generate the result your company is aiming
for. These creative people of yours may only be
wasting their creative talent because it is not
well-aimed at the target. Fortunately, more and more
companies are realizing this mistake and so they are
now outsourcing their marketing needs for a more
focused and successful marketing endeavors.

The trend started with outsourcing only a part of the
marketing function, which is the advertising. Now,
companies are already outsourcing the more
nitty-gritty marketing tasks such as customer
analytics, lead management and direct-mail management.
What used to be simple marketing tasks have now been
realized as very significant factors that can greatly
help boost marketing success.

Marketing outsourcing business companies have
recognized this importance and have focused on
producing experts in these fields so they could
provide the best service to their clients. So, these
days, services for these seemingly mundane but very
important marketing tasks, can be outsourced for
better results.

And a lot of companies are realizing the sense in the
idea. A recent survey reported that 53% of polled
marketing executives are now planning to outsource
their marketing needs. They now realize that
outsourcing marketing activities saves the company
marketing cost, while at the same time producing
improved quality work that generates the result they

Also, they see now that mass marketing is no longer
reliable for reaching more prospective customers
because nowadays, communication has become more
complicated than ever, hence, it needs expertise on
computer aided analysis. And this is what marketing
outsourcing business companies have and offer.

However, this does not mean that marketing executives
and officers of the company are no longer needed. The
opposite is true.

While the activities are outsourced, there is a vital
role for the marketing executive to play-they still
need to build and maintain good working relationships
with their clients and customers.

The good working relationship still rests with them
because customers still need to see the company in
flesh and blood, despite the convenience of outsourced
computerized services on the Internet. The marketing
executives, of course, still have to oversee the
production and progress of the marketing activities
that are being outsourced.

Of course, that still has to be managed and monitored
to ensure the company get the best result. Also, they
are to build good working relationship with these
outside suppliers to ensure that the company’s
specific needs are met. As in every business, success
lies in building and maintaining good working
relationships with both the clients and the suppliers.