Online Darts Games

Online Darts Games

Online darts now comes on a number of forms. The most popular online darts games are the cricket, count-up and high score, shoot out, and halve it. Each of these forms however holds certain standards that are somehow different to the usual darts game, but all of there have one major objective, that is, to hit the bull’s eye. Are you interested to know these online darts games? Well, keep on reading.

The Cricket

The Cricket is by far the most popular online darts game. It requires every darter to hit particular numbers on the board for several times. It is necessary to note that in an online darts Cricket game, the boards typically possess a LED display that reveals the standing of every darter’s position in the game. Most of the online darts boards display it as a number, while others use a sequence of bars that light up. Sometimes, a series of Xs and Os is displayed for every player.

The Cricket online darts game is now extremely well-known in America and Central Europe. The players of this online darts game usually adopt defensive or offensive tactics that highly depend on the state of the game. But, at any point during the game, the players have chance to make effort to increase the points, or to try blocking the other players from scoring.

Count-Up and High Score

The Count-Up and High Score versions of online darts game are individually different. On one hand, the Count-Up is an online darts game that anyone can play. The main goal of this game is to beat the other players by being the first to reach a preset score, requiring every darter to try to score as high as possible in his turns. On the other hand, the High Score is pretty much like Count-Up, but this online darts game end at the finish of the seventh round. The player to who gathers the highest total score then wins.


Shoot-Out is perhaps one of the latest versions of online darts game. This is in fact is an improvement on and is said to be more exciting than Round-The-Clock. Well, in this version of online darts game, the target is being randomly picked by the on-board computer. There is basically a 10 seconds of time limit for the player to throw the dart, and a hit on the target counts as one point. Note that under the rules of this online darts game, the doubles and triples are treated the same as a single. The player who can gather 15 points first wins in this online darts game.

Halve It

Finally, here is an online darts game that is the same as playing Jeopardy – the Halve It. Well, in this form of online darts game, a total miss with three throws can make the player’s score tumble down. Every player begins the game by way of shooting for the number 12 and then 13, 14, any doubles, 15, 16, 17, any triples, 18, 19, 20 and Bull’s eye. And, the player with the highest points at the end of the game if the winner.