Interpreting dreams is the process of assigned significance to the individual’s dreams. Although often linked with different methods of psychotherapy or alternative therapy but there’s no scientific evidence that interpreting or understanding dream interpretations have any therapeutic effect on one’s mental health. Interpreting dreams is still popular. Most people find it amazing to see an elephant appear in a dream. Many have felt a sense of fascination and power from the power of dreams. Dreamers who dream about animals, like me, can enjoy the personal and spiritual advantages from dream interpretation.

There are two types of theories regarding dream interpretation. The first is the interpretation of dreams by experts or psychics. They use tools such as divination tools, astrology, and crystals, to determine the meaning of your dreams. Some find these interpretations useful However, not all.

A tool designed specifically to help interpret dreams is another method. These tools include a dream dictionary. They’re basically dictionaries that offer translations or interpretations of dreams’ images or characters. The dictionaries for dreams are extremely useful in dream interpretation because they provide symbols that can be used to interpret or translate dreams.

But not all people believe in dream interpretation. Some believe that dreams are a form of entertainment designed to entertain or provide information to those who do not know enough about the dream world. Some think that dream interpretation is a type of magic. This point of view is evident in the story “The Queen of the Sleep,” by H. P. Lovecraft who wrote a number of dark, disturbing dream stories.

The Queen of the Sleep, a traditional image that is interpreted as a dream, is featured in his tale. The queen’s color is purple and her dress is lavender; and she has birds-like characteristics. The story tells of the queen’s dream in the Queen of the Sleep that is being read by an ancient Chinese dream dictionary, known as the Chan-Kun dictionary. The dictionary interprets the dream through recording various dream images and symbols. Some of these symbols can be translated into words that are utilized in Chinese medicine.

ฝันเห็นช้าง Sigmund Freud is usually acknowledged as the one who invented dream interpretation. He was the pioneer of psychoanalysis. However, his theories regarding dream translation were challenged by American doctor and expert in dream interpretation Sigmund Freud. Freud rejected the idea of dream interpretation and said that dreams were meaningless, sexual fantasies triggered by repressed sexual desires. Sigmund Freud’s theories of dream interpretation are popular.

In discussing Freud’s theories about dream interpretation, I’ll analyze the dream of the Queen of the Sleep with the artwork by the artist Frida Kahlo. Kahlo’s work is composed of photographs of women and girls in her popular collection “My Life withoscope”. The paintings depict flowers and birds as subject. The paintings also seem to have some symbolic significance. The Queen of the Sleep is depicted in the painting, appears to be wearing a long-sleeved top that features fleur-de-lis and stars on the blouse.

In conclusion, dream interpretation can be fascinating. This allows us to find the hidden meanings of the symbols and images that we encounter in our daily life. It can also spark many ideas and questions. Many people see dreams as empty, random images. However, I believe there is more to the unconscious that just random images. Dream interpretation is a method to create meaningful images as well as dreams out of dreams.