How To Buy Inspirational And Motivational Art Posters And Prints

How To Buy Inspirational And Motivational Art Posters And Prints

Have you ever noticed your reaction to visual stimulation? Sometimes you see a photograph or painting, a sculpture or an object and your attention is immediately riveted!

For whatever reason it communicates to you and it is personal. Not to say that other persons won’t get impact from the same visual, but what it sparks exactly is uniquely different from person to person.

We all have our own personal adventures and experiences throughout our lives so when you see that print of a quaint outdoor coffee house, that print may bring you back to that wonderful coffee house in Paris where you took your honeymoon. You may buy it just because it brings back that wonderful pleasure moment.

You’ve heard before that when you look at a painting or sculpture that you try to see what the artist was trying to communicate, but from the viewpoint of a consumer, it’s not about what the artist sees, it’s about what it communicates to you and believe me, you can have two people looking at the same thing and their viewpoints will be different. Heck, some people buy a picture because it has the right colors in it that match their furniture! Nothing wrong with that!

Buy a print because you truly love it! Whether you purchase an original painting, print or poster, it is the one that you love you will probably keep for life and pass down in time to your children.

Throughout your life your décor will change many times, color schemes will change many times, but your art will still be with you.

When you walk into someone’s home you get an overall feel for the people that live there and if you are left alone for a few minutes with no one to talk to because they are off to make you coffee, chances are that your eyes will wander all around the room and a good piece of art will grab your attention. Even family photographs are looked at.

A great piece of art is the focal point in a room and your décor can be built around that. If all you know is a piece of art you love but have no design skills, then fear not. There is help there too. If you cannot afford a designer’s help then you can start by looking in furniture stores and seeing how rooms are put together, or you can look at model homes to get ideas.

Surround yourself with beautiful art. After all, art is universal!