Darts Game

Darts Game

Darting as you may know is a very popular game that has been around for a very long time. Its first appearance can be traced back in the Medieval Era in England where people of different age, gender and race engage in darts game. It is even a favorite pastime by those who are in the authority with Henry VIII being an avid darter. It’s no wonder then that Anne Boylen gave him a dart set.

Well, the darts game is but a fun social game. It generally reveals throughout the ages a unique kind of sport that combines skill, talent, and even a bit of luck. Many people anywhere in the world love it, and it’s a wonder that darts game will wane as time continues on its own pace.

The Setup

The darts game is not a game without the dart board. So, it is very important for a successful darts game to have a properly set up dart board. Well, the setup for the dart board is fairly simple, but it is sometimes rigid for the sake of uniformity should be done as precisely as possible.

Essentially, the boards used in darts game vary in price from the cheap to the very pricey. As commonly noted, a nice professional dart board can be obtained for under $50 along with two decent sets of darts. According to the rules of the darts game, the board itself should be set up with the bulls eye exactly five feet eight inches from the floor. It is then wise to put some forms of board behind or around the dart board so to protect your dry wall or paneling in the event of complete misses. In addition, the board itself should measure 18 inches in diameter and divided into 20 sections. It is the section marked 20 which is always centered at the top.

Safety of the Darts

The darts game for obvious reason is not recommended for young children as the careless handling of the dart can lead to serious injury. As you may know, in the darts game you basically used darts with tips that usually weigh from 20 to 30 grams and are pointed, capable of penetrating the dart board. Given this fact, it is very necessary for every darter to consider safety during the darts game. Experts suggest that in the darts game, the procedure for throwing the darts is to “not throw” if any individual happens to be forward to the oche or toe line. Also note that rough housing with darts in hand can be very risky.

Basic Rules

The darts game is basically played between two players or two teams. In every team, the darts gamers are subject to nine throws as a form of warm up before the darts game begins. To identify which team or player is to take the first turn, one dart is usually thrown by a person from every team. It is the team with the dart closest to the bull’s eye which can take the first turn of the darts game.

In the darts game, every player is allowed to throw three darts in his/her turn. But, if a foot crosses over the line or a person happens to trip over the oche and releases the dart, the rules of the darts game hold that such throw counts no points and may not be re-thrown.