Darts Game

Darts Game

Darting as you may know is a very popular game that has been around for a very long time. Its first appearance can be traced back in the Medieval Era in England where people of different age, gender and race engage in darts game. It is even a favorite pastime by those who are in the authority with Henry VIII being an avid darter. It’s no wonder then that Anne Boylen gave him a dart set.

Well, the darts game is but a fun social game. It generally reveals throughout the ages a unique kind of sport that combines skill, talent, and even a bit of luck. Many people anywhere in the world love it, and it’s a wonder that darts game will wane as time continues on its own pace.

The Setup

The darts game is not a game without the dart board. So, it is very important for a successful darts game to have a properly set up dart board. Well, the setup for the dart board is fairly simple, but it is sometimes rigid for the sake of uniformity should be done as precisely as possible.

Essentially, the boards used in darts game vary in price from the cheap to the very pricey. As commonly noted, a nice professional dart board can be obtained for under $50 along with two decent sets of darts. According to the rules of the darts game, the board itself should be set up with the bulls eye exactly five feet eight inches from the floor. It is then wise to put some forms of board behind or around the dart board so to protect your dry wall or paneling in the event of complete misses. In addition, the board itself should measure 18 inches in diameter and divided into 20 sections. It is the section marked 20 which is always centered at the top.

Safety of the Darts

The darts game for obvious reason is not recommended for young children as the careless handling of the dart can lead to serious injury. As you may know, in the darts game you basically used darts with tips that usually weigh from 20 to 30 grams and are pointed, capable of penetrating the dart board. Given this fact, it is very necessary for every darter to consider safety during the darts game. Experts suggest that in the darts game, the procedure for throwing the darts is to “not throw” if any individual happens to be forward to the oche or toe line. Also note that rough housing with darts in hand can be very risky.

Basic Rules

The darts game is basically played between two players or two teams. In every team, the darts gamers are subject to nine throws as a form of warm up before the darts game begins. To identify which team or player is to take the first turn, one dart is usually thrown by a person from every team. It is the team with the dart closest to the bull’s eye which can take the first turn of the darts game.

In the darts game, every player is allowed to throw three darts in his/her turn. But, if a foot crosses over the line or a person happens to trip over the oche and releases the dart, the rules of the darts game hold that such throw counts no points and may not be re-thrown.

Qwirkle Board Game: The Game for Growing Geniuses

Qwirkle Board Game: The Game for Growing Geniuses

Qwirkle Board Game is a very addictive board game that is based on the same principle as Scrabble, Rummikub, Domino and Othello. Susan McKinley Ross designed it for MindWare. It is a strategy based game that heavily relies on colors and shapes. The set includes 108 pieces of wooden blocks that are placed inside a drawstring bag together with its instruction manual. The wooden blocks are illustrated with six different shapes in six varied colors. The shapes are circle, diamond, 8 point star, 4 point star, clover and square. The six colors are red, blue, green, yellow, orange and purple. There are three available tiles for each color or design that allows a probability of 36 color and symbol combo.
One game usually lasts for about an hour if you are just learning the ropes. You can set this up anywhere because it is portable. Before starting the game, arm yourself with a paper and pen to monitor the player’s points. You need two or four players for this game. The rule for this game is easy. First, all the wooden blocks has to be faced down on the table with its illustration hidden. You then have to mix it thoroughly as you would for Domino, Scrabble or Mah jong. The players would then get six tiles each. To earn a point, each player will have to connect the wooden blocks with the same color or shape to build a line, row or column. These combinations would either be blocks of the same color or blocks of the same shape. They can place one wooden block at a time or they can do several combinations. They can also choose to withhold in exchange for a random wooden block. This usually happens when the player has no more combination to use.
For each wooden tile placed on the board, the player is awarded one point. If the player happens to complete a Quirkle or a six wooden block combination, they are given an additional six points as reward. The players should always have six tiles with them and if ever they use one, they need to replace it with a random wooden block. The game goes on until there are no more wooden blocks to be drawed and all the tiles of the players have been used already. The twist and the addictive part is how you scheme and plot your way towards getting those matches. Two or four persons can play this game, and they can even be as young as two year old.
The great thing about the Qwirkle Board Game is it allows both readers and even non-readers to play the game. The materials are uncomplicated and the mechanics of the game is simple and easy to follow. It is recommended for six years old, but you can use the wooden blocks to teach your pre-schoolers about colors and shapes. Another plus factor is that it is also a multi awarded game. It has even won the Spiel des Jahres last 2011. This is the most notable award in the games industry. It has also been chosen as a top game by MENSA in 2007.
Its drawstring bag allows it to be carried anywhere and everywhere. The wooden blocks are also very easy to clean. You just wipe the dirt off with a damp cloth and then follow it with a dry one.
The things to consider before buying the Qwirkle Board Game is that since it contains small parts, it can be a choking hazard for children under three years of age. Since this game needs attention, younger children can easily get bored at the start of the game, so you have to device ways to keep them interested. As the game progresses, you might also need to assist your child.
Overall, Qwirkle Board Game is a fun and educational game that can be enjoyed by the whole family. It not only teaches a child about colors, shapes and combinations, but it also sharpens their analytical thinking skills. This is because you also need to employ strategies and a good amount of scheming to win this game. This game is perfect to keep your children occupied for hours, and also to develop their non-verbal thinking skills.

About Online Poker and Online Gambling

About Online Poker and Online Gambling

— The Early Poker Games

In the early days, a game was once described and played with a deck of 20 cards. Four players will then bet on which player’s hand will be found the most valuable.

Eventually, the game spread like wildfire to the rest of the Americas, knowledge of the game reached and headed to the west alongside the California Gold Rush. Eventually the game adopted the full 52-card English deck.

The flush was then introduced to this card game, as time passed by, other additions to the game were made during the era of the American Civil War. Various modifications of the poker game was introduced including the draw poker, the stud poker which is a five-card variant of the poker game, and the straight poker.

In the year 1875, American players introduced the wild card. Around 1900, developments on the game of poker paved the way for the lowball and split-pot poker. In the year 1925, community card poker games were introduced.

The eventual spread of the poker game to other countries, especially in the Asian countries, was attributed to the US military.

The poker game, however, was not always a favorable game. Before the 1970s, Poker was usually not played at casinos because of the absence of security measures to keep out the cheaters of the game. Even up to the 1980s up to the 90s, casinos usually don’t open poker game rooms in favor of roulette and black jack.

— Present Day Poker

People only renewed their interest in the game after better security techniques were introduced alongside heavy promotion and tournament plays.

Moreover, the advent of online poker or online gambling was the main reason for the success of the poker game. Online poker or online gambling brought life to the once stagnant condition of the poker game.

With the introduction of the online poker or online gambling, more and more people of all levels and skills started to get attracted to the game of poker. Beginners and novices started to gather themselves to be able to learn or further their learning about online poker or online gambling.

Online poker or online gambling provided the common people a leverage to be able to learn the game of poker. A game that was once limited to the pleasure of rich businessmen at high rolling casinos.

— Advantages Of Online Poker Or Online Gambling

Online poker or online gambling has several advantages over the brick and mortar poker games. Enumerated below are some of the advantages of online poker or online gambling that have been proven time and again by fanatics of the game of poker:

1. The problems of massive cheating in poker games caused casinos before to close down poker rooms and prefer the blackjack or roulette games. Though security measures were already implemented on the game of poker, the game itself is still vulnerable to fraudulent tactics like collusion of the players.

Online poker or online gambling uses a software that automatically monitors and detect patterns in the games of players to be able to identify possible collusion between two or more players.

Online poker or online gambling software are also able to detect a player’s IP addresses for it to be able to identify if two or more players are located in a single area which is also a possible indication of fraudulent tactics.

Also, online poker or online gambling software are able to share data to each other virtually such that online poker or online gambling software can easily keep track of players with fraudulent records and to be able to ban these players from playing further in the game.

2. Online poker or online gambling has become so famous that tournaments called satellites are recognized by real-life poker tournaments. Actual winners on these satellite tournaments can gain entry in the real-life tournaments such as the World Series of Poker which is held once a year.

In fact, the 2003 and 2004 winner of the World Series of Poker, Chris Moneymaker and Greg “the Fossilman” Raymer, gained entry by winning in their online poker or online gambling tournaments.

3. An advantage that is very noticeable in an online poker or online gambling is the absence of the psychological factor of the game. Players of an online poker or online gambling game do not face each other. They are located far away from each other and only play the game in a virtual room.

No one will be able to observe an opponent’s reaction or body language and instead players will have to focus on their betting patterns to be able to have an idea of their card hands.

A brief history of Tetris

A brief history of Tetris

Tetris was the first computer game that involved falling tetromino pieces that the game player must align in order to create an unbroken line which subsequently disappears in order to free up more game play space. If the player is unable to make an unbroken line, the game play space quickly gets crowded until the point where no more space is available and the game is over.

The game of Tetris was first programmed in 1985 in the former Soviet Union by Alexey Pazhitnov. It ran on a machine called an Electronica 60 but was quickly ported to run on an IBM PC in the same month of its initial release. One month later and the game had been ported for use on the Apple II and the Commodore 64 by a programming team in Hungary.

The game quickly saw interest from a software house in the UK, Andromeda, who released it in the UK and USA in 1986 although the original programmer Pazhitnov had not agreed to any sale or licensing agreement. Nonetheless, Anromeda managed to copyright licensing for the game and marketed Tetris as ‘The first game from behind the iron curtain’. Tetris was an instant smash hit and had thousands of people hooked.

A new company, ELORG, took up negotiations on behalf of Pazhitnov and eventually the licensing rights were granted to Nintendo in 1989 for a sum of between 3 and 5 million dollars. Nintendo quickly exerted their corporate strength and forbid any other company to market the game that Andromeda had given license to, including Atari. However, Tetris had become the biggest selling game on all formats at that time.

Today Tetris is still hugely popular, with versions running on all formats, and still managing to get people hooked through its simple yet addictive game play.

Airsoft Takes Role Playing To A Whole New Level

Airsoft Takes Role Playing To A Whole New Level

A popular game in airsoft gun battles is the Mil-Sim format of game play. These types of airsoft role-playing formats create an entire era within the parameters of the airsoft game.

The Mil-Sim game creates a realistic era of action role-playing for everyone involved in the game.

In some cases, games are set up and recreated according to an actual battle in history. Participants purchase weapons, clothing, staples, rations and other supplies that would have actually been used during the specific era; many games require that everything in the game field must have existed during the actual time period. This type of dedication to reality in a Mil-Sim reenactment is not uncommon and is generally expected by each member on the playing field.

Historical Military Simulations In Airsoft Battles Strive For Authenticity

For individuals that enjoy the realistic recreation and re-enactment of a historical battle, appropriate costumes and equipment is a fundamental part of the success and enjoyment of the game. An individual may join a specialized airsoft group that focuses primarily on one decade or era and purchase all equipment, clothing and supporting supplies to match that time period. While the game is intended to be enjoyable for everyone, game play is often guided by the factual history of a specific battle or by one organizer who leads the group to the game’s final objective or conclusion. The concept or idea of “re-writing” history to accommodate one team winning over the other is not accepted in these types of games.

This type of airsoft game is not approached with the same attitude as “Capture the Flag” or “Team DeathMatch”. Individuals that are involved in the simulation of historical battles are generally involved not only for the airsoft game but also for the enjoyment of recreating another time period and remaining an “active” character (and in character) during the entire time of the game. Often times, in games such as these, the role-playing is a larger part of the overall game rather than the use and firing of weapons upon one another.

Most Mil-Sim Airsoft Games Create A Realistic War Zone

In modern day Mil-Sim games, the two opposing teams create a modern day war zone and perform different live action role-playing to simulate battles that might occur today.

In these types of game formats, missions or objectives are given to different members of each team and then these directions are put into play much the same as a real war plan would be put into action on the battle field.

It is not uncommon for Mil-Sim participants to spend hundreds of dollars on authentic clothing, weapons, ammunition, tactical gear and rations.

Mil-Sim Creates A Realistic Re-enactment of A Military Simulation

Airsoft gun battles are a high-energy sport that provides each player with an adrenaline rush and the excitement or frustration of winning and/or losing a high stakes game. Individuals that participate in such games often create an environment that not only involves the traditional game rules but also includes variations more personalized to their own game.

When playing airsoft games, it isn’t necessary to follow a traditional format, it is only important that everyone involved in the game understands the rules and expectations for that specific game.

Airsoft is a game that relies on honesty and a code of honor among players. The airsoft pellet does not explode when it hits a player, in the same way that a paintball capsule does. For this reason, where a paintball capsule leaves a mark, the airsoft pellet does not. So it is up to the honesty of each player to notify everyone else if they have been hit. This is generally done with a raising of one hand and calling out, “I’m hit” or something to that effect. Players that fail to be honest, no matter what the game being played, are generally not asked to return for another game.

Great Online Video Games That You Should Play

Great Online Video Games That You Should Play

If you are like most people who love to play video games, then you should try playing online. The latest video game consoles today now offers a great line up of video games that you can play online with your friends as well as other people from different parts of the world.

Thanks to the advancement of technology and the internet, it is now possible for you to play online using just your video game console, such as PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Nintendo Wii.

There are hundreds of game titles which you can play with online.

So, what are the games that you should play online?

First of all, not all games are great and was well-received by the public. This is why you have to know what kinds of games are popular for online gaming. By doing so, you will be able to avoid wasting money on games that no one plays and also be able to join in on the fun in the online gaming community.

One great game that you should get for your video game console is titled Battlefield: Bad Company. Released for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, this first person shooter game is filled with non-stop action which will surely keep you on your feet and your eyes glued on your TV screen.

In this game, the players will be put in a fictional war between the US and the Russian Federation. The players will lead a squad of soldiers against the enemy. Although the game is fun to play in single player, you will find that this can also be played in multiplayer mode online.

The great thing about this game is that it can support up to 24 players. This means that you can have 12 men or women on your team and 12 on the opponent’s. This game is filled with high speed action and you can be sure that you will have fun for hours upon hours of playing this game online in multiplayer mode.

Another great game that you should get for your video game console is Killzone 2. Exclusively developed for PlayStation 3, this first person shooter game offers great graphics and extraordinary online play that will keep you coming back for more. Also filled with high speed action, you will see that you can choose from 7 different classes of characters in the game. Each class has its own pros and cons and you need to take advantage of its strengths and overcome its weaknesses in order for you to win the game.

Call of Duty: World At War is another great game that has great multiplayer feature. Developed for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and even on PC and Nintendo Wii, you will find that this game offers a completely unique multiplayer game option as it will be able to let you and your friends play in cooperative mode.

You can also try the team death match and capture-the-flag multiplayer gaming option if you want in order for you to fight other teams online.

These are just some of the great games that you should get for your video game console. With its online features, you can be sure that you will have countless of hours of fun playing these games right in the comforts of your own home.

Soccer History

Soccer History

Although the modern day game of soccer originated in Britain, records show that the games that involve the kicking of a ball have been around for a long time. No one really knows where the game soccer began. Historians say that it is impossible to precisely pinpoint where and when soccer started. Although it is assumed that there are types of ball game that have been played in some parts of the world for over 3000 years. There are lots of older versions of the game soccer. Here are some of the predominant cultures that have some form of soccer history.
Egyptian Soccer History
Little has been documented on Egyptian soccer history but there was a version of a type of ball game that was played by young Egyptian women during the reign of Baqet III. Written on his tomb are images of this kind of sport. On the other hand, experts are flabbergasted how this kind of game was played or if their kind of ball game has affected the outcome of today’s game of soccer because no writings or documents have been found on how the game was played. Some experts say that with this lack of information it is quite difficult to eliminate or include it as one of the earliest form of the game soccer or somewhat similar to soccer.
Chinese Soccer History
Some say that the Chinese game “cuju” or “tsu chu” is one of the earliest forms of the game soccer or the earliest soccer history. In the Chinese history (roughly dated way back 300 B.C.), it is written that the Chinese military during the Han Dynasty period had a form of game or a skill building exercise that involved players on a field kicking of a ball into a small net. The ball that was used was a leather ball stuffed with fur. In this Chinese version, players are not allowed to hold the ball with their hands during the play (much like the modern day soccer). Team members of this early soccer version were given great honors. The Han Dynasty emperor was said to be an avid fan and player of this sort of game. This early form of soccer was quite popular during the reign of this emperor.
British Soccer History
The soccer history in Britain started during the 8th century. It was created not for recreational purposes; rather it was created as a war game. The game’s origin came from a Danish Prince who was beheaded and whose head was used like a ball and was kicked around. Even though the early version of this game was very violent (injuries and deaths was not unusual) it was very popular within this period.

No matter what people say on how the game soccer originated or the blurry version of soccer history, soccer is still one of the most popular sport in the world.

The Poker Fish

The Poker Fish

The game of poker is really strategic and as in all games of strategy in this game you will find that there are some weak player and some strong players. The strong players devour the weak players and take their money off them. In poker, a weak or bad player is known as a fish, while a strong or good player is known as a shark.

According to the law of nature, the stronger shark kills the weaker fish. In the same way in poker, the bad players become the prey of good player. If you want to survive as a poker player you must win the game; unless you win game the chance of your survival becomes less, especially in a tournament game where you need to collect chips.

The winning in this game is dependant upon strategy and luck; if you follow right strategy then you can win the game. Further there is no such absolute right strategy to win every game; each time you play you are playing against new players, also different games may require different strategies, the poker shark is always familiar with the rules of the game and knows all the tips and strategies such as table positioning, the shark uses these to his advantage meanwhile the fish has never even heard of table positioning.

The connotation fish and shark is very much associated with this strategy of the game. According to the poker terminology, fish is a player who des not know any strategy. While playing the game the bad player make wild chases and try to play with long-shot hands. Such bad players depend on the luck to win the game and they have to play against all odds. On the other hand the good player is equipped with different winning strategy and keeps the ability to win the game. Many new beginners want to be a master of this game in a short time; they go through many articles, reading everything they can and searching websites to gather information. Remember there is no short cut in this game; you have to learn every trick and strategy.

We can say that the poker imitates the animal kingdom, where there are both predators and prey coexist side by side. The predators or good payers will seek the prey or the bad players to win the game. It is the responsibility of the bad player to flee from the table at right moment.

Microsoft Xbox: The New Generation of Game Systems

Microsoft Xbox: The New Generation of Game Systems

Entertainment is an integral part of our lives. In fact, there are various forms of entertainment that existed during the pre-colonial era, such as watching opera and musical theater plays. Betting is also an active recreation during the colonial times. It is designed to provide pleasure to individuals of varying age groups and areas of interest.

However, with the rapid development of technology nowadays, entertainment is not just about watching operas and musical plays. Entertainment in the 21st century is now dependent on the development of technology—animated and digital films, television programs, and video game consoles.

Video game console means entertainment for the younger members of our society. Because of the animated game characters and graphics similar to real-life characters, video game consoles became one of the hottest items in the electronic market. Since its existence in 1972 (when Magnavox released its 1st home video game console, which is the Magnavox Odyssey) until the continuous release of its new generation game systems, video game consoles are now what we call the “entertainment of the 21st century and beyond”.

Because of the popularity of these video game consoles to the gaming public, particularly to the young generation, different technology firms released different game consoles that cater to the needs of the gaming public. It paved the way to the birth of the sixth generation of video game consoles, which the Xbox belongs to.

Xbox’s producer, which is no other than the Bill Gates’ Microsoft Corporation, said that Xbox game console takes you away beyond the ordinary entertainment. It redefines the way you play the game of your choice. Aside from games, you have access to music and movies through this high-technology game console system. Thus, it lets you share good times with your friends and even lets you compete with other gamers around the world.

Xbox was Microsoft’s first independent business enterprise in the video game console industry, after the development of the tools for MSX (the standardized home computer architecture of Microsoft in the 1980s) and the operating system for Windows. It was launched on different dates: November 15, 2001 in North America, February 22, 2002 in Japan, and March 14, 2002 in Europe.

The development of Xbox was initially facilitated by a small team formed by Microsoft, which included the famous high energy physicist and game developer Seamus Blackley. The rumors of the release of a Microsoft-developed video game console first spread at the end of 1999 following interviews of Microsoft big boss Bill Gates, saying that the company is developing a gaming and at the same time a multimedia device that is essential in the convergence of digital entertainment era. And the company confirmed such rumors through a press release on the “Xbox project” on March 10, 2000.

As previously mentioned, the first launch of Xbox was in North America on November 15, 2001. On its first launch, most of Xbox’s launch titles became one of the best-selling games at the end of 2001. Some of the successful launch titles of Xbox were the Halo: Combat Evolved and its sequel, Halo 2 (which became the most played game in the Xbox Live), NFL Fever 2002, Dead or Alive 3, and Project Gotham Racing.

Xbox’s design was based on the fact that there must be a game system that will take advantage of the slowdown of saturated PC gaming market and at the same time integrate a built-in Ethernet adapter. It was the first video game console to integrate a hard disk drive into its system, which is used mainly to store game data compressed in a ZIP archive and content download from Xbox Live. Thus, it eliminated the need for a separate memory card, which is popularized by Sony’s Playstation. Most of the Xbox games make use of the console’s hard drive as the disk cache for quicker game loading time. There are also games that support “Custom soundtracks”, which allows the user to rip music from standard audio CDs and add it to the soundtrack of the game.

With the Xbox as one of the modern video game consoles ever produced, it provides unusual entertainment for gamers; especially those who are looking for a gaming experience that will make them crave for it.

Yes, Microsoft’s Xbox did it—one of the game systems that you will love once you get your hand on it.

Classic Online Arcade Games

Classic Online Arcade Games

The most popular online games are Pac-man, Pong,
Bejeweled and Street Fighter. These games have a
timeless virtue that keeps them alive even in today’s
world of hi-definition graphics and sophisticated game


Joust is a classic arcade game that puts you in the
role of a knight with a lance while mounted on an
ostrich. The game screen is a simple static screen
with five platforms hanging in mid air.

The enemies come in wave after wave from the one end
of the screen. They appear at the screens in four
different spawn points. To destroy an enemy knight one
has to collide with the knight at a higher position.

Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong was released by Nintendo. The game was the
pioneer in the platform genre as the game play
basically revolved around maneuvering.

The main character comes across a series of platforms
while dodging various obstacles. The hero of the game
and a giant ape named Donkey Kong has become the most
popular game characters.

Despite an initial slow down, the game went on to
become a tremendous success. Consequently, the game
was developed for personal consoles.

Crimson skies

Crimson Skies is an arcade flight game developed by
FASA. The game was released as a flight simulator with
an arcade touch. Flight control scheme is fairly
simple. The take off and landing are completely

Players can choose from a fleet of fighters, all
loaded with magnetic rockets and Tesla coils. The game
has recently been released on Xbox.