Why Are Online Casino Directories Important?

Why Are Online Casino Directories Important?

Online casino directories form an integral part of online casino promotion in today’s growing gambling marketplace. But why is it important that players visit these directories rather than visiting the online casinos directly? There are so many online casinos out there and with so much ambiguity surrounding the industry, it is important that players make the right choice.

Online casinos began around 1996, although the exact date remains a mystery. It is also difficult to put a name to the first online casino, but a lot of the major brands out there today will all have some claim on that all important “we did it first” slogan. Because of the meticulous regulations involving online gambling in the United Sates particularly online casino promotion has been fraught with problems and obstacles.

One of the main problems surrounding online casino promotion is that, technically it is actually illegal for a player to deposit any money at an online gambling establishment, rendering the worlds largest online gambling marketplace illegal. This has not stopped major establishments such as cassava and party gaming generating $millions, if not $billions in revenue. But how do they acquire players and grow their business?

The answer lies in affiliate marketing. Online casinos pay web marketers a fee for every player that they acquire for them. The result is lots and lots of online casino portals all pushing the online gambling brands in return for a healthy payout. The advantage that the average player has of going through a casino directory rather than going to the casino itself is that often the player will be more informed of any offers and competitors offers before making a decision.

Online casino directories often provide strategies and reviews of the sites that they promote. This is a good thing because it allows players to fully understand the rules of any games before they deposit and play, thus decreasing the house edge because the player will not make silly mistakes whilst playing.

Reviews are also beneficial to the player because it enables the player to gain an overview of how reliable and honest an online casino is before they deposit. If you can try to find an online casino directory that provides customer reviews rather than just webmaster reviews, as they are quite often more objective and honest than those of webmasters. A good site for looking at customer reviews is Bewisebets.co.uk.

Overall it is important that players use casino directories and good ones at that. Things to look out for are player reviews, active searches and a good range of content and strategies. If you find this then bookmark it and return as often as you need to.

Gambling In Moderation

Gambling In Moderation

There are those who visit casinos to win big, and those who go to have fun and gamble in moderation. For the average person, gambling is probably best viewed as a fun night out rather than a way to make a pile of money, and those who approach it in this way have find a lot of enjoyment.

The casino experience is best for people who can do it in moderation. Gambling, like so many other pastimes, involves a rush of adrenalin from the excitement of winning. It’s a simple thing to make your casino night fun, if you can plan ahead and stick to your guns when it’s time to call it a night.

If you go to the casino with a set amount of cash, leave your credit cards at home, and agree amongst your fellow gamblers to a ‘no borrowing’ rule, chances are you’ll have a great time gambling and won’t be tempted to go any farther than your limits. The people who do get tempted the most are usually those who don’t take precautions like these—the ATM card is right there to for you to use, so why not?

Moderation is really a habit, which needs to be developed, and it may take a few trips to the casino with your spending plan before you settle into the routine. Even so, gambling in moderation is the best way to have fun and stay within a reasonable amount of spending.

People who view casinos in the same way they do movie theatres, fine dining and concerts usually have the best time when they are gambling. After all, you don’t bring home more money from the theatre than when you left, why should you fret about spending a similar amount at the casino? The problem with maintaining a spending plan is when people start looking at the casino as a source of extra money. Make a plan, and view your gambling trip like any other night on the town and you’ve got a recipe for success!

Romania Casinos

Romania Casinos

The only legal form of gambling in Romania is in casinos, so it doesn’t look like Romania’s casinos have much competition for the gambling dollar. This is something of a change for the country, as until 1989 it was run by a rather unspeakable dictator called Nicolae Ceauscescu. Certainly nothing as liberal and open as allowing people to do as they wished with their own money would have been allowed. This meant that while there was indeed gambling (as of course there is everywhere), it was underground, in the black economy. When there was an uprising and the dictator, alongside his wife, was shot, then the country started to move back into the more normal state of affairs. Legalizing gambling, allowing Romania’s casinos to start up, was an obvious part of this process.

A list of Romania’s casinos includes:

Arad: Casinoul Astoria Arad

Bucharest: Astoria Casino

Casino Blindo Hotel Sofitel

Casino Bucharest Hotel Inter-Continental

Casino Bucur

Casino Kings

Casino Palace

Casino Paris & Hotel

Casino Victoria

Casino Vox

Grand Casino

Lido Casino & Lido Hotel

Marriott Grand Hotel & Casino

Mirage Casino Hotel Ambasador

Perla Princess Casino

Planet Princess Slot Casino

Plaza Casino Club

Princess Casino Havana

Constanta: Cazino

Felix: Casino Salzor

Galati: Sofin Hotel & Casino

Iasi: Bond Casino Mokdova

Mamaia: Casino Best

Rimnicu Vilcea: Casino Royal

Sinaia: Hotel Palas

Peles Castle and Casino

Timisoara: Casino Senitor

Casino Sterling

As you can see, there is a thriving casino sector. However, it does need to be said that Romania’s casinos might not all meet the usual description of a casino. Many of them have no gaming tables at all, or do not offer roulette, or have other omissions. Some of them have only video poker games and similar electronic games available, for example.

In common with much of Eastern Europe and the ex-Soviet Union these days (and Romania, despite the 1989 events, was something of a slow starter), there are a goodly number of people who have made very large sums of money very quickly. Some legally, some not, and some in a grey area inbetween. Romania’s casinos are a frequent stopping place for all three of these groups, and it does pay to find out which are the best casinos in any specific town you are visiting.

In the best high quality Romania casinos, you might still find those who have made their money all too quickly, but you will be assured that everything from the decorations to the quality of the food and the drink will be of the very best.

A Few Clicks from the Jackpot

A Few Clicks from the Jackpot

Casino gambling has transformed into a major industry across the world. For the past decade casino gambling has seen to expand its boundaries far beyond the limits of Las Vegas. Today Casino gambling has been legalized in more than forty-nine united states and hundreds of different countries. As a result there seems to be an increment of about $100 billion in gambling revenues since the 1990’s.

Today Gambling has taken more different forms than an enclosure where people would come, gamble, drink and head home. Internet gambling represents one of the fastest growing segments of online activity with more than seven hundred web sites now providing users the opportunity to wager on everything from casino games to sporting events. According to Internet research firms, the industry will pull in $15 billion in world-wide revenues this year alone.

Whether you are interested in Poker, Blackjack, Texas Hold’em, Progressive Slots or any other of the many great casino games, you can easily gain access online. It is just the matter of having money to play, access to the Internet, and you’re ready to go. Today, the age of computing gives you almost anything that you could wish for with just a click. There are millions of available websites that not only provide you with all of your favorite casino games, but also with guides and training programs to teach you how to win online.

Online casino games are action packed and just as exciting as playing in a land based casino. There is also a wide variety of games to play. Online casino games are fun and easy to use, and if you ever get stuck most casinos offer excellent customer care.

The best part of playing online casino games is that you don’t need to leave the comfort of your own home to have a good time. You don’t have to be a member of a club, or spend a fortune on travel and hotels. Now you can play Poker, Blackjack, and all of your favorite casino games from your living room.

And fortunately for gamblers playing online is safe and secure. Giving your credit card information to an online casino is just as safe as using your credit card at a hotel or restaurant, and in most cases safer. Online casinos are highly regulated and committed to customer service, which results in a safe, fun, and fair entertainment. So be confident in your deposits and take advantage of the casino bonuses – usually the more you deposit, the bigger the bonus you receive. This does not mean you need to wager more, you can cash out whenever you like – the idea is to receive the maximum amount of bonus money.

At a time baseball seemed to be the most entertaining American pastime. This has changed. In recent years, attendance at casinos has nearly tippled the attendance at all major league baseball games, with around a hundred and thirty million people visiting casino’s every year.

The Internet could be your chance to hit it big!

Online Casinos Offer Better Odds Than Land Casinos

Online Casinos Offer Better Odds Than Land Casinos

There is a new wave of gambling that you may be missing out on. A new style of winning with incredible odds and payouts that you may not know about. Online casinos are cropping up everywhere across the Internet. No longer do people who like to gamble have to live near a casino or travel to a city with casinos to partake in gambling activities. People from all over the world are participating today at online casinos and for good reason.

There is a wide variety of games that are available at online casinos and all of them have great odds of winning. The payout percentage at online casinos is most often considerably higher than a Vegas-style ‘land’ casino. Higher percentage payouts equal more winnings for you at online casinos. Furthermore, online casinos are also very easy to get into. All you need is some form of identification (usually a driver’s license) to prove that you are of legal age, and you need some money to place a few bets with. You can use your credit card or a number of other online financial transaction options.

People who love the art of gambling know it’s all about the winning. People who know about winning, know that it’s all about the odds. If you knew the odds of you winning money while you were gambling were higher at an online casino than a regular casino, where would you gamble more often? In addition to offering better odds than a land casino, online casinos also usually offer free bonuses so you can also gamble with the casino’s money as well as yours. Everyone wants to win when they are gambling. Losing isn’t nearly as fun.

Finally, online casinos prove to be a source of unlimited fun and gambling entertainment. So, what are you waiting for? Find yourself a reputable online casino and get in on the game today! You can win big money at online casinos who offer you better odds of winning!

Online Casino – General Legal Issues

Online Casino – General Legal Issues

The increasing growth of online gambling industry surpasses all the expectations when compared with land-based casinos and betting places. From the times when Internet Casinos, Inc., the first virtual online casino started operations back in 1995 until nowadays, not only the effects of online wagering on the established land-based industry came up, but also the need of broadening gambling laws and regulations.

Most of the online casino companies are located outside of the United States to avoid government prosecution because the United States Federal Appeals Courts has ruled about the Federal Wire Act prohibiting electronic transmission of information for sports betting across state lines, but there is no a specific law prohibiting gambling of any other kind. In fact, several states rule in favor of land-based gambling but having specific laws against online gambling of any kind.

While the internet has no frontiers, gambling seems to be ruled by physical country delimiters-boundaries. Gambling is legal and regulated in Caribbean Nations and most European countries, such as Malta and the United Kingdom from where wide arrays of online casinos operate.

However, in America, law says that owning an online casino or gambling related business without getting a license first may result as an illegal act, but if any individual would be willing to get one, however there are no states nationwide that are currently granting online gaming licenses, and regulations vary from state to state.

Government of Antigua and Barbuda, which licenses Internet gambling entities, sent a complaint to the World Trade Organization regarding the U.S. government’s actions forbidding online casinos and gambling activities. They won the preliminary ruling but later the Word Trade Organization’s appealed and partially reversed such ruling in April 2005.

The appeals panel decision allows state laws prohibiting gambling in Massachusetts, Louisiana, Utah and South Dakota, but ruled that the United States may be violating global trade rules as well, coming as the result of the American laws regulating horse-racing bets because equitably to foreign and domestic online betting companies is not applied.

With this panorama, online casinos await ruling; decision full of ambiguities as the global gambling online regulations. The Caribbean panel held that several online gambling restrictions imposed under American regulations have been inconsistent related to the trade services agreement with the body’s GATS.

The economics of online casinos are amazing in comparison with land-based casinos costing up to $300 million to build, while online the cost can be as little as $1.5 million, but US Federal Laws insist to say that gambling is “risking anything of value for a profit whose return is to any degree contingent on chance”.

On the other hand, traditional casinos may employ thousands of individuals, while an online casino is easily operated by less than 20 and not necessarily located in the same place, causing an economic impact due to the loss of jobs; so many people believe the regulation benefits the national workforce.

Except for the gambling sponsored by the state, including riverboat gaming, horse racing and lotteries, an online casino is forbidden all over the United States.

Know which form of gambling is for you

Know which form of gambling is for you

Gambling has evolved into different forms. Gambling, primarily, is a form of entertainment. It is a sport involving money, or whatever is at stake, in a game of chance. Gambling or betting began as early as 2300 B.C. Gambling artifacts, like dice, had been found in countries like Egypt, China, India and Rome. In a recent poll, 63% of Americans support legalized gambling. Another 22% agree that it must be expanded. From dice to roulettes and to computer mouse, which form of gambling is for you? Here are some choices:

*Casino games
These are gambling games usually played inside the casino. A player can win with the right tactic and optimistic mathematical probability. Here are some examples:

Poker is the most popular casino game. It is believed to have been originated from the game ‘as nas’, which is a Persian game. It uses a deck of cards for a series of betting rounds. The player with the best hand wins the pot. Poker is also regarded as a game of strategy and skill.

Online Casino
These are virtual casinos that are played on the internet. The rules are similar with actual casino games but players can either be a real or computer- generated players.

Slot machines
A betting machine that uses a coin to rotate a set of reels usually pulled by a lever. You have to get identical patterns to win.

Roulettes were invented by Blaise Pascal, a French mathematician, in 1842. It is a simple gambling game where in you have to bet on which number a small ball will hit.

*Gambling with fixed- odds
These are certain types of game where in you have to bet on a specific outcome of a given situation. These include horse racing, baseball, motor racing, jai alai and ice hockey, among others.

*Sports betting
Even though illegal in most countries, sports betting have boomed in the gambling industry. Bets are based on a point system of sports, like baseball or football. Common sports bets are: against the spread, against odds and against a combination of spread and odds.

*Arbitrage betting
You might often see this on the web tagged as risk- free gambling. The concept is to put a bet on a particular result with varied betting groups. Being an investment procedure, it involves a bigger amount of money compared to normal gambling.

Be sure to treat gambling as a pastime, and not a source of money. When engaged in one, set a maximum spending limit. Practice gambling in moderation and don’t let it interfere with your set priorities in life.

Kenya Casinos

Kenya Casinos

When one thinks about visiting Kenya, they seldom wonder what kind of gambling opportunities exist in the region. Yet, there are a number of casinos in Kenya that can prove the perfect location to plan one’s next vacation. So, just how many Kenya casinos are there and where are to be found? There is a total of thirteen Kenya casinos, all scattered throughout the country. Kenya casinos can be found in Malindi, Mombasa, Nairobi, and Ukunda. Malindi is home to the Casino Malindi; Mombosa has five casinos and the remainder of the Kenya casinos can be found in Nairobi and Ukunda.

Kenya casinos offer an amazing array of gambling. The Casino Malindi located on Luma Road has sixteen different table games including Blackjack, Craps, Indian Ocean Stud, Punto Banco, Roulette and Texas Hold’em. The Casino Malindi also hosts slot machines, thereby appealing to every gambler’s preference.

Alternatively, those visiting Mombasa can visit one of five beautiful casinos, all with something to offer the gambling enthusiast. The Florida Casino in Mombasa is small but fun, offering 5 slots and 7 gaming tables; The Golden Keys offers Poontoon, Blackjack and Roulette; The Leisure Lodge has 4 American Roulette tables and 4 Blackjack tables; The Quarterdeck Casino has Blackjack, Pontoon, and Roulette as well as 28 slots; and finally, the Oceanic Hotel and International Casino of Mombasa, Kenya has 6 Roulette tables, 6 Blackjack tables and 30 slots for gambling entertainment.

Meanwhile, Nairobi, Kenya has no shortage of casinos. The Casino de Paradise is extensive, offering Blackjack, Baccarat, Chemin de Fer, Mini Baccarat, Pontoon, Roulette and an astounding 300 slots! A variety of restaurants easily appease any appetite at the Casino de Paradise: African, Asian, French, and Barbeque delights are all sold on site. Also, the Florida Casino in Nairobi is a smaller and therefore more intimate establishment, supplying guests with 55 slots and ten tables to choose from. Plus, visitors can choose from the International Casino in Nairobi, the Mayfair Hotel and Casino, or the Sixty-Eight Hotel and Casino, as well as the Resort Kenya: all located in the heart of Nairobi.

Finally, a nice diversion can be found in the city of Ukunda, Kenya: the Diani Reef Grand Hotel and Casino fixed along Diani Beach is perfect for both residents and travelers. Offering over 300 rooms, splendid accommodations, diverse menus and table games, gambling connoisseurs truly adore the offerings at the Diani Reef.

The Long Road To Casino Gambling In Thailand

The Long Road To Casino Gambling In Thailand

On his weekly talk show, the Prime Minister of Thailand, in response to a question on gambling, stated that if the current government remains in place for at least four years, the Thaïs will see a casino in their country.

There has been talk about building a casino in Thailand since 1997. Back then, the Interior Minister supported the idea but it didn’t get very far.

In the year 2000, the Bangkok mayor thought it would be a good idea to put a casino in Bangkok, Pattaya, or Phuket.

Then, in 2002, the Thai government went so far as to commission a study conducted by Chulalongkorn University. Again, nothing much happened.

The Tourism and Sports Minister, in 2003, tried his hand at convincing the Thai people that a casino in Pattaya would be good for tourism, but his proposal didn’t go far.

Later in 2003, under the former Prime Minister, Mr. Thaksin Shinawatra, again a proposal was made for an entertainment complex be built in Chon Buri (Pattaya) and the complex would include a casino.

Public hearings were conducted in 2005 on establishing casinos in Thailand, and yet again, the voice of the people said “No.”

In March, 2008, the current Prime Minister, Samak Sundaravej, vowed to make gambling legal during his current term of office.

There is still a long, uphill battle to opening a casino in Thailand. Mr. Samak will have to his best to convince the Thai people that this is in their best interest and will fund educational programs and promote tourism in the country.

There will be many opponents who will argue against legalized gambling saying that it will harm the young people of Thailand.

With a new Prime Minister calling the shots, and the former, deposed Prime Minister back in Bangkok, this latest chapter in the Thailand gambling annals may have a happy ending.

Prime Minister Samak is also hoping that legal gambling will help in shutting down all of the illegal gambling dens throughout the country. Catering to tourists with pockets full of money, and depriving the local populace, will be an interesting juggling act.

If the Prime Minister can convince the Thai people that now is the time for legalized gambling in Thailand, you can be sure that story after story about corruption will abound in the Thailand newspapers. Good luck, Mr. Samak, when rolling the dice. You will need it.

Internet Gambling Prohibition Act will set the Wrong Precedence

Internet Gambling Prohibition Act will set the Wrong Precedence

Recently, the U.S. House Judiciary committee approved the Internet Gambling Prohibition Act sponsored by Representative Bob Goodlatte, a Virginia Republican by a vote of 25-11. During the committee meeting, Goodlatte said
“I oppose gambling because I think it causes many, many problems in our society”

On May 29, 2006, a new land based casino – the Wild Rose Casino and Resort opened in Emmetsburg, Iowa State. According to news report, officials are hoping that the new casino will bring an economic boom for north central Iowa.
In Iowa, the state’s Department of Criminal Investigation’s (DCI) Gaming Bureau is now larger than the agency’s general criminal investigation unit—and is growing. The DCI has 83 agents at 14 casinos, including 32 agents hired since December. About 20 more will be added this year.

Assistant DCI Director Joe Diaz said everybody hired goes to the Gaming Bureau, which is now the agency’s entry-level position. Two new casinos are now open—one in Worth County, in addition to the Wild Rose in Emmetsburg. Two others, in Riverside and Waterloo, will open within the year.

This is not peculiar to Iowa State, it is happening everywhere. Is gambling in a land based casino good and gambling in an Internet casino bad?

The case has already been made that the Internet makes gambling accessible to children who could use their parent’s credit cards for gambling purposes. If that is the case, then all online commerce should be banned. While there have been cases of fraud on the Internet, fraud has not stopped online commerce from flourishing. When has it become the policy in the U.S. to hide because there could be criminals around?

The World Trade Organization has already ruled that the U.S. policy on online gambling violates the terms of the WTO agreement. The Internet Gambling prohibition Act is ignoring that ruling.

The U.S. is sending the wrong message to the world. The US cannot be telling the world to tear down their walls and allow the market to spur creativity and yet decide to erect one of her own when it suits her. Precedence is a double edge sword.

U.S. is turning the world into a replay of George Orwell’s Animal Farm. From the ongoing replay of “Big Brother” by the Bush Administration, and now “Animal Farm”. The U.S. is turning Orwell into Nostradamus. I hope we are not going to wake up one day to the tune “Internet gambling is illegal; Casino gambling is good for the economy.”