Handcrafted Designer Jewelry – Precious Gifts With An Artist’s Touch

Handcrafted Designer Jewelry – Precious Gifts With An Artist’s Touch

Receiving a gift of fine jewelry is always appreciated, but handcrafted designer jewelry is an unexpected delight.

Handcrafted designer jewelry is a gift that goes far beyond simply being precious metals and gems. It is something unique and special that reflects the unique and special place the receiver holds in your heart. There is no gift that has the power to move a woman like a rare and individual work of art that she can wear close to her heart.

Every piece of handcrafted designer jewelry can truly be called artist’s jewelry because each piece is individually designed and crafted by hand by a talented artist with a personal vision that he or she has brought to life in rare metals and precious gems.

Artist’s jewelry must pass the same standards of fine jewelry you can find in any major mall, but goes far beyond them in both quality and distinctiveness. When shopping for a gift of jewelry, you can give that special person a piece that she might see on another woman at any time, or you can give her something that has been created for no one else but her.

Handcrafted designer jewelry can be refined and elegant, with South Sea pearls and 14 carat gold or contemporary and edgy, made of unusual metals and set with rare stones you might not find anywhere else. Artist’s jewelry’s value is not found in the materials themselves, but in that indefinable something that speaks to the soul when an artist has captured a mood or a feeling and translated it to a piece of gorgeous wearable art.

Skilled craftsmanship combines with artistic sensibility to create one-of-a-kind artist’s jewelry that enhances the beauty of the wearer. Each piece will reflect not only the skill of the designer, but the impeccable taste of the wearer. As a gift, handcrafted designer jewelry sets apart both the giver and the receiver as truly memorable.

An artist’s jewelry can be so many things. A delicate tendril of vines twining around the throat, each leave hammered and finished by hand. A bold, hand-polished cabochon stone channel set in platinum to draw attention to an unforgettable hand. A sleek curve of etched metal that clasps a wrist. Or an intricate, unforgettable pair of elaborately carved earrings set with a stardust sprinkling of precious stones. The one thing handcrafted designer jewelry will never be is ordinary.

Fine jewelry has the power to move through its beauty and its feel. There is nothing quite like the feel of cool, precious metal against the skin. The rich, textural details of artist’s jewelry delight the touch as well as the eyes. So give your loved one a gift as daring and unforgettable as she is – handcrafted designer jewelry unlike anything she has ever seen or touched – much like you.

The Chihuahua Art Of George Rodrigue Blue Dog Comes Of Age

The Chihuahua Art Of George Rodrigue Blue Dog Comes Of Age

The Blue Dog by George Rodrigue is perhaps the most famous Chihuahua art in the world. Rodrigue was born in an area of French Louisiana known as the Acadiana. He was educated at Catholic schools before going to the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. The Chihuaha art “Blue Dog” first made its way into the American conscious in 1984.

The Chihuahua art of the Blue Dog is based on Rodrigue’s childhood pet, Tiffany.

The first Chihuahua art print “Watch Dog” was based on a familiar Cajun folk tale. The Loup-garou is a mythical werewolf that roams around places in Louisiana at night. Rodrigue recalls that he was told as a child to go to bed or else the loup-garou would get him. It is a “boogie man” story that became world art. The “Watch Dog” painting was set in a full moon landscape, which gave the dog the blue tint. Thus the iconic image was born.

The Chihuahua art “Blue Dog” would make its way back into several of Rodrigue’s prints including 1998’s “Hawaiian Blues” and “Sometimes I feel like a dog.

Rodrigue has painted several presidents including Ronald Reagan and George Bush Sr. He painted an Inagural portrait of Bill Clinton and Al Gore in 1997 called “Walking into the 21st Century” that featured the Chihuahua art icon Blue Dog.

Most recently, Rodrigue has been commissioned to paint Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal and his wife Supiriya.

The Chihuahua art of George Rodrigue has spawned other political terms. For instance “Blue Dogs” are conservative Democrats, mostly from the Southern states where Rodrigue grew up.

After the September 11, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center, Rodrigue stayed up all night to paint “God Bless America.” In this case, the familiar blue dog was white with red eyes and placed against the American flag. The normal “Blue Dog” features a blue dog with yellow eyes in a variety of settings. The painting raised half a million dollars for the Red Cross in the weeks after the attack.

He has also been involved in the relief effort after Hurricane Katrina destroyed his home city of New Orleans. The sale of specified Blue Dog prints raised $2.5 million for relief efforts.

The Blue Dog never shifts his expression. Rodrigue has never painted him with a smile. He is never complacent and never asleep. It is as if he is still looking for the answers in a complicated world. He reminds us of the things we cannot know but still search out.

Rodrigue is now a multi-millionaire because of the popular Blue Dog series. The original portraits often sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Limited series lithographs can command 5 figures. And, more ordinary folks can get the pictures in table books and calendars.

The 65 year old artist has also become the artist laureate of the state of Louisiana.

Rodrigue has encountered much success in his life as an artist, much of it due to the portrait of the Blue dog, true Chihuahua art.

Art Glass Paperweights

Art Glass Paperweights

I have a shop that sells art glass. My favorite art glass is paperweights. I have a lot of fun attending art auctions and buying art glass. I try to pay attention to what my friends and clients like and dislike.

I usually give people art glass paperweights that I find at art auctions for milestone birthdays and anniversaries. My grandmother turned eighty last October and I found a wonderful art glass paperweight for her.

The art glass paperweight that I found for my grandmother was made by Baccarat. I was extremely lucky that this was one of the last things auctioned. A lot of people had already left the art auction when this item went on the block. My grandmother appreciated the pansy design because the pansy is her favorite flower.

My cousin loves frogs. She has managed to decorate her home tastefully with her favorite item. I have been on the lookout for an art glass paperweight for her for years. I finally found one at an art auction I was at last year. The art glass paperweight featured a frog sitting on a lily pad and the frog was surrounded by blue water. It was really pretty and my cousin started using it on her desk immediately.

My aunt collects art glass paperweights. I have been asked by her on numerous occasions to find pretty art glass paperweights for her while I’m attending art auctions. Of all of the pieces I’ve won for her over the years, one memory sticks out in my memory more than any other.

By far the prettiest art glass paperweight I’ve ever won at an art auction has to be one that features a blue and gold Macaw. Rick Ayotte was the artist that created it and it was even featured in a book of his work. He has created many lovely art glass paperweights.

I have an art glass paperweight in my shop that just won’t sell. It has been in the store the longest and I think I may have it priced too high. I won the paperweight at an art auction several years ago for one thousand dollars. The paperweight was created by Paul Stankard and it should have easily sold for twice what I paid for it.

I have no trouble at all selling art glass paperweights that were made by Rick Ayotte. His work seems to draw the most interest. I try to win any auction I find for art glass paperweights he made. I won one not long ago that was pink roses. They looked so delicate and sweet. I know that this art glass paperweight will sell quickly.

There have been some inquiries at my shop for art glass paperweights by Richard Marquis. I haven’t found any in any of the art auctions I’ve attended recently. I looked at some of the pieces he’s made and I’m not especially impressed.

I will keep looking for the art glass paperweights at the art auctions I attend, but I will not be going way out of my way to track them down. I will just remember that Marquis is an artist that some of my clients are really interested in. I’m sure that I will find an art auction with one of his pieces in it at some point.

There were some inquiries about nautical themed art glass paperweights a couple of years ago and I found a fantastic artist that made them. I buy every art glass paperweight I can find that was made by Rick Satava. My favorite has to be the coral orange jellyfish that I found at an art auction an hour from my home. It was really pretty.

The coral orange jellyfish art glass paperweight was just the first Rick Satava piece that I’ve found at various art auctions. I’ve also found jellyfish in ruby and blue. They are beautiful by themselves or when they are put onto a black light stand that has been built especially for them.

NOT Savvy Collecting

NOT Savvy Collecting

Original paintings by Renoir, Chagall, Picasso, Rembrandt and Mary Cassatt at a discount buying club??? Embarking more than 25 miles each way to experience possibly original prints by these artists, I figured the press release was probably only slightly errant. Almost no Rembrandt paintings in private hands are available for sale anywhere in the world, much less as part of a 3 day art trunk show at a discount buying club.
The named art dealer was from a seemingly swank Southern California locale. Some degree of suspicion results, as mention of this location is designed to trigger a certain poshness. There are reputable art businesses in this locale alongside those who consciously prey on the uninformed spontaneous art buyers. Other potential victim zones in the U.S. are Carmel, California; Honolulu, Hawaii and Scottsdale, Arizona. Travelers far away from the pressures of work, often in the company of a favorite companion, spend dollars with relative abandon. In short, they don’t comparison shop or do their homework.
There were paintings by an artist with a French last name, a relative no-name artist. The omission of this individual’s last name caused me to wonder. Didn’t the seller know his/her first name? Was the viewer to think “If I ask, he’ll think I don’t know who the really famous French artists are?”
The remaining golden opportunities consisted of original lithographs by Marc Chagall, unsigned meaning they were originally tipped into books. These have some value but are generally not rabidly pursued or priced so aggressively. The Rembrandt etchings were 19th century impressions. As Rembrandt lived and worked during the 17th century, his etching plates were frequently re-etched over the next two centuries, seriously altering the appearance of the resulting etchings. Practiced art buyers do not knock themselves out to acquire the later impressions, especially for the prices presented.
The Mary Cassatt etchings were replica etchings made in France from the original plates long after Mary died. The Louvre has a division that creates and sells posthumous prints from plates residing there. These typically sell for a few hundred dollars, not thousands as they were priced in the discount buying club.
In short, these opportunities were fool’s gold. Here are some tips that will help you avoid getting hurt:
If unsure about a purchase, ask for a photograph and description then hire a Fine Art appraiser to carry out research pronto!
To find a designated Fine Art appraiser, American Society of Appraisers’ website is www.appraisers.org.
No self control? Ask about their return policy and make sure your receipt includes artist’s name, title of work, date of work, medium, condition of art and frame and the price plus all the dealer’s contact information.
Remember, if it looks too good to be true it probably is.

Elements of a Good Design

Elements of a Good Design

So you’re aspiring to create designs for companies advertising their crafts online? Hold on! Before chasing after your dream of being a ‘great’ and ‘well-known’ graphic designer…Let’s go over the many names and title that associates with graphic designer and resolve finally who a designer is and what are the elements of design you need to learn.
According to an article, Chuck’s views on design, writing and marketing at www.ideabook.com/viewa.htm the author narrates that he’s already into his twenty something years in the graphic design business. Considering his long experience, Chuck’s been called art director, commercial artist, graphic designer, desktop publisher and graphic artist.
Impressed with the wide selection of titles? Let’s get on with the definitions, though. Graphic designer is defined by the Graphic Artist’s Guild as “visual problem solver”, the graphic artist is a “visual artist working in a commercial area”, and the art director is someone responsible for supervising the “quality and character if visual work.” Don’t be led to believe that the definitions tell what the work is all about.
Among the various definitions, that of the creative director’s, “whose responsibilities may include overall supervision of all aspects of the character and quality of the (advertising) agency’s work for its client” came close to what Chuck thinks a designer should really be…
Now, if you are undaunted by the close-definition and is really keen on being a graphic designer, you should know that design is a communication art. There are basic elements for creating good designs in order to perfect this art.
The following are the elements of design that serve as standards in achieving high quality and successful designs:
1. “Design is more than meets the eye.” Always keep in mind that design is also communicating an idea as well as giving visual delight and entertainment. It is actually a blend of both so that it becomes a well-designed message. Anything less and you will not have a design.
2. “Design is about communicating benefits” – your design must incorporate marketing messages that focus on what benefits your prospective customers might get in responding to your handiwork.
3. “Design is not about designers” – Design will never be effective if it’s made to stir up the designer’s ego. You must create designs that your clients need and not design that’ll make you look good in your portfolio
4. “Design is not an ocean, it’s a fishbowl” – Be very particular and appropriate about your designs and that would depend on the client needing them. Be careful about the principles you apply on either designing techniques or marketing ideas. Be aware that these two may not always be interchangeable.
5. “Design is creating something you believe in” – Don’t let a poor product be killed immediately because of great advertisement designs. Stick to your values and principles in accepting projects from clients, in order to manipulate your ad design to the best of your client’s advantage, you, must first know and have faith on your client and their products. -30-

An Approach To French Art

An Approach To French Art

France has been among the main pioneers in many artistic expression forms throughout the country’s history. France and art are both strongly attached to each other and it would not be possible to think of world art without thinking of France or think or Frances main characteristics without thinking of art. French art has had a very important influence not only in the French culture but also in the rest of the world.
The importance of art in France can be easily reflected through the great amount of museums and art exhibitions spread throughout the country. This great list would include, among the main ones, the Musee du Louvre, one of the greatest museums of the world. Also in this list we can find the Musee National du Moyen Age exhibiting a collection of medieval art works, and the Centre Pompidou, exhibiting art from the XX century.
Also among the most important museums and exhibition spots, there is the Musee d’Orsay, where visitors can observe a collection of French art from the XIX century, and the Musee Picasso, exhibiting amazing art works from this outstanding artist. The Musee Rodin is another great place to visit in order to enjoy French art and observe some amazing sculptures from this artist.
The Petit Palais and the Grand Palais are two places within France which change expositions and always show something interesting to observe. The Musee Carnavalet exhibits art works and provides information related to Paris in the XVII century. The list of French Museums and exhibition spots could go on for many paragraphs more, and is one of the most amazing lists of its kind which could be created.
The relation between France and art can be traced back to as long ago as the Paleolithic age. Many art works dating from such period of time were found within this country providing unique information and discoveries to the culture and art of the world. In France, each different age and period of time was strongly attached to art and had its typical art expression forms and characteristics which would have an important bond with each stage of the French history and culture.

Art Auctions: Early American Art

Art Auctions: Early American Art

There are many very good examples of what you could call early American artwork that has survived to this day, and as time passes to create particular movements in style throughout the world, fundamental ideas change with a variation in locale and timeframe when it comes to the individual artists and their brilliant visions. Each artist certainly contributing something to the overall picture of the world as it shapes and changes around them, it takes an artistic will strong enough to transcend any particular era to convey the feeling of the period in such a condensed format, and the various forms that this artwork can take is numerous.

There are many styles and mediums from which to choose your vintage piece of artwork, and when you do the adequate amount of research on the subject, then you will be better prepared to find that ideal painting or work by an artist that you can relate easier to. With early American artwork, it can be a much shorter time to find and acquire a print of the piece that you would wish to own, and this can also be a more cost effective way of getting those works that can best be appreciated by your tastes in artwork and artist.

Early American art runs the spectrum from Native American art to the modernist painters and artists we can see presently, and their artwork can all be summed up under the category of early American art, creating a totally unique perspective on the American landscape. When you wish to see a museum-quality piece in your own living room, there can be multiple ways to acquire the ideal artwork you find, and not all of them have to cost an arm or a leg. If you think that the buying experience has to be an expensive one, then you are sorely mistaken, but any museum piece can be considered priceless in some hands.

There are various ways to deal with finding the bargain that suits your needs, and it does not always affect you to find a print and put a frame around it, the worth of many prints can be a way to bypass the expense of trying to buy one of these improbably affordable pieces. If you happen to be cautious about buying a piece of questionable value, then perhaps purchasing an art print of such works can make it more worthwhile, and especially if you find yourself to be a novice in the art scene. There are many places where you would be able to find printed reproductions, and can have them bought right on the premises of the location.

There is still much American artwork being produced that is quite relevant a reflection on the state of affairs as they stand throughout time, and no matter the period, there is certainly a way to find an example of what you are looking for whether the artist happens to be involved in a particular movement or otherwise at the time. There are many various definitions that American art falls under depending upon when the work was made, though only after the nineteenth century did movements begin to be started in America, and it was then that artists like Jackson Pollack were given the freedom to express themselves.

This lead to the outgrowth of the Abstract Expressionist movement in art, came up out of the colliding of influences between Ashcan artwork and the modernists from Europe like the Cubists and abstract painters, and appeared in the years after World War II. Within the mindset of this movement, the abandoning of formal composition gave way to arrangements that concentrated on space and color to represent the physical act of painting on the canvas, and created works based around instinct instead of representation of real objects. These works would eventually affect the works of pop art that would come to prominence later in the century.

Advanced Airbrush Art DVDs

Advanced Airbrush Art DVDs

Once you have learned the basics with airbrush art, you can start to learn more advanced techniques. These advanced techniques will help you to render more imaginative art. Videos can help you learn this advanced airbrush art techniques. You can also get videos that will help you learn how to render a specific design that will fit with the airbrush art you are trying to create.

One such specific design video is Creating Killer Dragons, produced by AirBrush Action Magazine with master airbrush artist Crossed Eyed. Crossed Eyed will teach you how to create airbrushed dragons by showing you all the essential techniques involved in rendering all aspects of the dragon.

Killer Klown with Javier Soto will show you how to create airbrushed clowns. This video will go into how to create the popular psycho demented style of clowns. These style of clowns seem to very popular with custom paint jobs. so if you are wanting to get in on how to create these clowns, then this video is for you. Javier Soto will deal with the use of bright colors, textures, highlighting and the use of kandies in creating a brilliant looking psycho clown.

Kustom Pinstriping Techniques featuring airbrush artist Craig Fraser will show you all the aspects of pin striping. This video will show you everything you need to comprehend about pin striping so that you can reach professional level pin striping. With this video you can learn about the design and application process, the different types of airbrushes for pin stripping and which brush is right for which job. Learn about choosing paints and other material that you will need. Practice exercises will have you practicing what you see on the video so that you can master your skills.

Biker Skull featuring renowned airbrush artist Robert Benedict will show you step-by-step how to create a professional looking skull in a leather cap. This video is a very advanced detail orientated video that is a one of a kind as the methods and such have never been put on tape before. With this video you will learn what you need to have an edge over a lot of other airbrush artists.

Caricatures are seen in a lot of art and airbrush art makes for creating some really interesting caricatures. Kent Lind will show you how to create cool caricatures in this approximately 70 minute video titled, How to Airbrush Caricatures. This video will go into all the details that you will need to know to create your own airbrush art caricatures. These designs are great on t-shirts, canvas and if you really want you can put then on your car.

After all art is all about imagination and showing off your creative imagination. advancing your techniques and learning new design methods can help you to advance your airbrush art. Once you have learned the advance techniques and design styles offered in these advanced articles, you can then customize what you learned to create airbrush art that is truly your own.

Giving Dragon Artist Credit

Giving Dragon Artist Credit

Soon I will be loading pictures of dragons almost everyday to a website… for every ones personal enjoyment. All of these dragon pictures are NOT to be sold or used for commercial purposes without the artist permission on this site.

I used to go and see web pages that were just pictures of dragons with no Artist credited. I try to put the Artist name with all the posted pictures Also if is hard to say if half the dragon pictures on the internet are copyrighted. If the pictures are copyrighted, or the artist happens to not want their Art posted are able to let me know so I can remove it off the site. For the pictures that have an Unknown artist, it is possible for people to leave a comment with the artist name if they know it.

As an artist myself I feel cheated when my work is used by someone else without giving me credit. By Using work without posting the credited artist, the person that is posting is stealing. I am trying to fix that problem with my site, so that people can find pictures along with the artist.

This is just my small effort to give credit to those who deserve it.
Visit www.Dragon-Pics.blogspot.com to see my work so far.

Great Tips for Buying Artwork Online

Great Tips for Buying Artwork Online

With plenty of artwork available online today, art lovers use this newfound market to secure masterpieces and home decor art at incredible prices. If you love to buy art, the Internet can be a valuable resource, saving you time and money. But first, learn to shop for art online wisely and be careful when choosing artwork. Use these tips to find quality artwork while keeping spending to a minimum.

Discover New Artists

The Internet offers a great opportunity to explore artwork and discover new artists. Use the power of search to find hundreds of artists. Then surf through their available paintings to find the styles that appeal to you. Ask questions about the artists by email or phone. Some artists or art retail companies use experienced art consultants to answer questions. Take advantage of this service when available.

Keep in mind that there are thousands of new artists who are very talented. Since they‚re just starting out, they might offer their paintings for far less than a famous artist. Some original paintings by new artists can increase in value tremendously over time, as the artist becomes better known in the art world.

Use search engines to find art by certain keywords such as: artist name, type of art (landscapes, people, antiques, flowers, children, animals), date or time period of artwork, and medium (watercolor, acrylic, oil).

Online Tools to See the Scale of the Painting

Use Web tools that enable you to see the actual size and scale of a painting and how it would look in a room on a wall. Some websites provide these tools to help art buyers see how the artwork would look on their wall. They can choose different wall colors, frames, matting, and a variety of sizes to get a feel for how the art would complement their own home.

Authentication – Is It Important?

Buying art online is similar to buying jewelry or any other high-ticket retail item. Whether authentication is important or not is really up to you as the buyer. A good rule of thumb is if you plan to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on a piece of art for investment purposes, then you’ll want to be sure it’s authentic. Use an authenticity service that you feel comfortable with and make sure the painting is not a reproduction or digital reproduction.

Also, consider if having original pieces of art is important to you. Some art lovers admire the detail, love, and experience put into a sole piece of art. They are very willing to pay more for original paintings, even if only for pleasure.

If you want artwork simply for decorating your home and have a limited budget, digital reproductions are available online at very affordable prices. These reproductions look similar to the originals, but have been reproduced for mass distribution.

Visit Local Galleries

You can also find great new artists and ideas by visiting your local art galleries. Take pen and paper with you to write down artists or the names of paintings that catch your eye. Then go online to search for these artists to see their other paintings.

Always check out online art retailers through the Better Business Bureau (BBB) Online to be sure the companies are trustworthy. Buying artwork online can be an enjoyable experience if you take time to explore all the beautiful paintings and find artwork that fits your style and budget.