Baton Rouge Business Report

Baton Rouge Business Report

The Baton Rouge Business Report website –, provides news articles on various business areas and topics of Baton Rouge. News on technology, finance, health care, industry, economic development, retail, restaurants, government, workplace, opinion and many more are given here.

Baton Rouge Business Report provides for a career center on the website. It is powered by and will enable one to find employment opportunities. Tools for resume writing and job searching tips are available here. This web page also allows employers to post jobs and receive job applications from Baton Rouge people.

At the Baton Rouge Business Report website, one can sign-up for a newsletter. Available are daily reports released each weekday about the latest updates on the happenings of the area. There is also the real estate weekly that is published on Tuesdays, which contain news on commercial real estate. One may email [email protected] for inquiries.

Another website is the that provides for fresh news each morning. The drive for this website in the future, will then be for more community news and updates. The audiences for this website are usually college students & executives who want to be updated daily on current happenings.

Both and are operated by the Louisiana Business Incorporated. These reports provide for valuable information to the people of Baton Rouge and for businesses operating in the area. Various topics and news categories will make one well informed on current news about these, and will then be of beneficial use to those concerned.

Thru Baton Rouge Business Report website, one will have access to the past issues. One will surely be able to look back at important news that is of interest to him. One may subscribe for print publication through the website, as well as renewal of subscriptions. For subscription inquiries, you may email [email protected].

One can contact the staff of Baton Rouge Business Report at 225-928-1700, and at fax number 225-923-3448. Automated phone system may be dialed at 225-928-8899. The editorial staff can be contacted at 928-8899 local 141. One may also email the Business Report Managing Editor Kathleen Hastings at [email protected]. If you want to give a news tip – email [email protected]. Advertising concerns or inquiries may be communicated by email at [email protected].

The Baton Rouge Business Report provides for important information that involves all facets of the community’s activities, which eventually affects its economy. The local community are thus able to better understand what is going on around that affects them – whether directly or indirectly.