A Glance at BK8 Thailand

Throughout the last 3 months, John Terry has frequently been a feature of many BK8 s online marketing campaign. For instance, Chinese New Year campaign and BK8 Thailand Songkran Festival campaign. During these times, BK8 is known to project their latest offering by using online betting and their associated website. John Terry’s odds on each of these offers at time of writing are as follows:

* Bookmakers: odds on BK8 are generally higher than all other online bookmakers, however, customer support levels seem to be relatively low, in comparison with the other top bookmakers. So this may be a good place for the new customer to start off. BK8 offers excellent customer support from an operator who is known to cater to casino gamers, so is one of the best bets for people just starting out. Online live chat is also available from within the online casino if you need to ask any questions about the sports betting interface or need any more assistance. Overall, I would give it a medium score based on customer support and the interface is generally very clean.

* Play: This is an area where I have seen BK8 perform to their potential. In general terms, the online interface and live casino are smooth and straightforward, but there are some bugs to hit the site, like the inability to add funds when playing on the website. However, I did enjoy the various bonuses and promotions that they run on occasion, such as the monthly high rollover bonus (which pays out 500 baht straight away) and the loyalty points scheme. Unfortunately, on several occasions, despite winning a few hundred baht, I was unable to withdraw them due to insufficient funds in my bank account. Overall, I would give it a thumbs up for the customer support, though there is an ongoing struggle with accessing funds from various online withdrawal methods.

* Interaction: BK8 has a pretty robust community of bettors who post on various online forums and discuss their experiences in the game. They also regularly contribute articles to the BK8 blog, which is an excellent way to get the latest updates on the Thai sports betting market. I particularly like the “What’s the Score” feature that we have integrated into our sic bo platform. This gives customers a concise snapshot of the current odds, which is important because it means that we can ensure that we accurately describe the odds available for users who are logging on to the sic bo website.

Overall, despite a few shortcomings (a lack of a detailed customer support section for example), BK8 provides all of the functionality that one would expect from a leading online betting site. The interface is clean and simple, the customer support is robust, and the betting opportunities presented by sic bo are simply superb. BK8 I would rate BK8 Thailand as a solid medium-level site for football betting.

I would encourage any potential baccarat fan in the country (or even the world) to check out sic bo. Although BK8 may not be quite at the level of its competitors (the other sites I have mentioned are all offering some pretty impressive betting opportunities) it is still a highly entertaining site. For a fan of casino games, it provides a great experience and is extremely easy to use. BK8 Thailand is probably not the runaway success it could or should be that it was when it first launched. However, I am happy to see that it has taken its chance in the sun, and will continue to provide a service that a lot of UK based online betting sites simply cannot match.